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Battle for Deathcap Junction: a Necromunda Campaign ANNOUNCEMENT

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Battle for Deathcap Junction is a narrative campaign for Necromunda that will be played at W.O.W. this fall.

I just posted a narrative preview of the backstory. The TL:DR version is that a bloody civil war has destroyed the gang leadership of Deathcap Junction, an underhive settlement where a valuable resource is located. (Yeah, kind of ripping off Dune, I know, I know.) The player gangs will battle for fun & profit in the chaotic aftermath of that war.

Initially, the campaign will use Dominion rules (e.g., Territory cards), but the new Law and Misrule elements will be phased in after the first week. Games will be played using both Sector Mechanicus and Zone Mortalis formats.

Acting as arbitrator, Josiah will keep track of player victories and losses, and those outcomes will influence the ongoing narrative.


First game will be on Tuesday, September 17th, starting around 6:00 P.M.


The campaign will last for seven weeks, including a one-week break after the first three weeks. The final week will begin on Sunday, October 27th.


Western Oregon Wargamers

717 SE Main Street

Portland, Oregon, United States  

The campaign will be hosted on Tuesday evenings at W.O.W.

Players are welcome to make plans with each other to play at homes or game shops or anywhere else they like.

After each game, players will send the results to me, Josiah, for bookkeeping and narrative development.


  • Starting gang lists will be made with a 1000 credit limit.
  • Players should adhere to all the guidelines laid out in
    • Gangs of the Underhive (for House gangs).
    • The Book of Peril (for Venator gangs).
    • The Book of Judgment (for Enforcer gangs).
    • Players can also use Genestealer Cult & Chaos Cult rules from the GW website.
  • The website Yaktribe has lots of nifty tools for building gangs, printing character cards, and tracking progress. Highly recommended.
  • Painted models are encouraged for the most immersive and fun experience possible.
  • WYSIWYG is a goal that we strive for, within reason. (Meaning, nobody will get salty if a grenade isn’t modeled on the miniature’s belt.)
  • Kitbashes or counts-as models are great as long as the new model is not confusing for your opponent.


This is gonna be an exciting campaign with lots of fun new rules to play with. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Josiah. Likewise, if you're curious about the game and would like to try it before you buy models, I’d be happy to set up a learning game at W.O.W. some time.

See you in the Underhive, gangers!


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