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Last Week of the Escalation League. May 4th!

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Week Eight. Last Week! 2000 Points. May 4th.




Ambush in the Pass!


This game is a Battle for the Pass following exception.


1) Up to 250 points of core unit models, that do not normally have the ambush rule, may ambush. w

In this match, no unit starts in reserve. 


League Points


1. Each friendly unit in the opposing deployment zone at the end of the game is worth four points.


2.The winner of the game is granted 5 points.


3. Killing the opposing General is worth 1 point.


4. Killing the opposing BSB is worth 1 point.





1. 5 points if you bring food or drinks.

2. All painting points are doubled with no limit. All painted movement trays count as one infantry model.

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Again, I will be there itching for a game. Will have a lot primed by then and laying down some base colors.


Question is if I can get my hands on some Great Swords to try my list idea out. I want a non-traditional list for OFCC using a Grand Master, Great Swords with detachments and Knights. It should be the right venue for it.

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Curses! I missed out on most of the league and now it looks like I'll miss the finale. I just got back from a week in Florida and I'm not only extremely tired, I'm not ready for a 2000 point game. Ah, well. I hope to make the Rampage. Sundays just aren't an open day for me, so it's always been hit and miss.


I made it to one night, though, which is a start! And now that I have an OFCC team, I'm pumped to get my army done.

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Boo hiss on me too.  Meant to make it to the Spring league at least a few times and never managed it.  It did however motivate me to 'put together' (not Paint)  the 2000pt force to play.


1800pts for the week I was sick + 200pts of knights for this week but the significant other is leaving for training in Chicago for a week tomorrow so that blew that idea.


Now that I have the basis for the force put together, I can get to painting and be ready for OFCC.

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