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Kingdoms of Equality-tane

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Hear yee, hear yee, the benevolent King has decree that Knights shall no longer be the sole sword and shield of the rhelm. We call upon the brave peasants to take up arms and show their valor, skill, and ability to stand and be slain by greater foes. The burdens of war must be shared, and all subjects are equally capable of giving their lives to this honor. Hence we share the wrath and horrors of war, for the Kingdoms of Equality-tane see no titles.

Except for the King of course...


Since blogs are super in vogue, I am starting one up. I am starting a KoE army! Why might you ask? Because I have a huge mini addiction problem, and TBH I am already a little bored of dwarves' abysmal charge range. I wanted to flip this on it's head and over compensate with an army that prides itself on cavalry hammers. 

I am going with FireForge games for just about everything. The main reason is they are the easiest to put together and have the least amount of mold lines (both of which are my least favorite part of the hobby). They are about on par with Perry miniatures for price and have a reasonable amount of detail and diversity.

For now I am experimenting on production line painting and how I can utilize airbrushing to it's fullest potential. This first batch of 8 peasants I painted almost entirely on sprue, then clipped them out, touched up where the sprue attached to the bits, repainted those areas, assembled, and hit with strong tone.


Lessons learned: 

1) The arm attachments to the torso are not necessarily all interchangeable. There are a few torsos that have significantly larger army connection points than others. Therefore, I need to pre-plan what bits will go where before I just start randomly painting stuff on sprue.

2) Less is more - Due to the previous lesson I learned, I had peasants with different colored shoulders. This was fine as I just kep that split color scheme all the way down the model, but it caused some repainting headaches, and slowed down painting dramatically.

3) Masking shields is hard - I tried frisket (which is this like masking liquid that dries to something like rubber cement), and masking tape. The frisket is awful. Masking tape worked alright but I need to get a really solid bind between the shield and tape, otherwise paint seeps under the masking tape during air-brushing. 

4) Varnish early, varnish often - I never really used varnish before but I am seeing a lot of value to it. After laying down a base coat on shield specifically, I varnished them which helps seal in the paint. Then I apply masking tape without "de-stickying" the tape first. Normally, blue masking tape will have a tendency to pull your paint off after you remove it. With the varnish, no problems so far.

5) Strong tone on shields looks bad - It just muddies them up too much. The strong tone works great for anything with texture, but the shields just being flat it looks terrible. I didn't want the tone contrast to be too pronounced though (as everything darkens when you hit it with strong tone). Ill need to come up with something else that darkens the shield tone a bit, but that I can ideally spray through an airbrush for an even coverage.

6) Everyone has their own mound - This is just sort of annoying, every infantry figure is standing on an amorphous blob mount. Makes for easier build and application to the bases, but looks kind of weird. Need to think of a way to mask that effect with some floc.

Ill be timing the next sprue I build, so ill have better numbers for painting efficiency. With another 62 peasant type infantry to go, I am confident ill find the solution.


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