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Sunday, Game Night: Death Match and League Intro

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Ladies and Gentlemen, 


Sunday the 22nd is Death Match action.  Bring a single model  and we will help you with the rest.

Players will run the table trying to gather loot and kill opposing players.  If your model dies, you respawn and start again. 

The Doors open at 3 PM at WOW! 717 SE Main Street in Portland.

The event is FREE!




Pub afterwards!


I hope to see you there as well as @Hirangren @OtterProper, @Muskrat, @Exile, @Sgt. Rock, @Jay, @Justjokin, @dataentity @PaladinX, @Pyre Warden, @Mack


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1 hour ago, OtterProper said:

What are the parameters for said single model? I mean, I can only assume one would want to field the more expensive, capable singles, right? I'm not sure I have any of those, TBH. 👶
Still, I'm quite interested in giving it a go!

I'm assuming it's purely for the purposes of having a Silhouette 2 model on the table and that we're all going to have the same statline.

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Panoply Chart


01   Rifle                         11    Assault Pistol

02   Light Shotgun          12    Light Grenade Launcher

03  +1 ARM                      13   D.E.P.

04  SMG                           14   Grenades

05  Heavy Pistol              15   Smoke Grenades

06  Flash Pulse                16   Spitfire

07  Combi Rifle                17  Panzerfaust

08  Chain Rifle                 18   Mines

09  Light Flamer              19   CH: Mimetism

10  +2 ARM                      20   MSV:1


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What a good night!  

Thank you Keith, Doug, Nate, Joel, Bermen, Aaron, Pete, and Jay for a good night. We got in 8 rounds in 2 hours! Aaron rocked in the most kills. Doug, Jay, and Joel were killed 4 times each! It took eight rounds for Keith to be killed, of course he healed the most! The only person to win close combat, was Joel!

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