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IIL Week One, Sept 29th

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When: 3 PM

Where: WOW

Points: 200, Limit 10 models, one combat group!

Who: You

Mission: Activate the Coms!

There are three coms in along the center line of the table. One is in the center of the table. The other two are 12 inches away on either side.  

Your mission is to activate the coms and control them at the end of the game.  To activate the coms, you need to make a standard WIP roll. A specialist model (paramedic, doctor, chain of command, forward observer, engineer, hacker, etc) receives two rolls. 


The Center Console is worth 4 points.

The Side Consoles are worth 2 points each.

Killing more specialists than your opponent is worth 1 point. 


See you next week! Please come and check us out! We have two brand new players. We would love to have more or to have players that haven't been around in a long time.


@Muskrat, @Exile, @dataentity, @PaladinX, @Justjokin, @Inquisitor66, @Hirangren, @rudra34, @Blustorm, @Norrad. @Pyre Warden, @Mack, @OtterProper, @EriktheRed, @erik grey, @Ogre Seth, @Andrewc, @CliffsidePDX, @Omx8, @indytims, @Iraf, @wisetiger7, @Torg, @andozane, @deadlyends, @Gremlin King, @George, @Saint Anthony

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I've been dealing with major sinus drainage and a sore throat this weekend, so while I had every intention on being there Sunday with my fully assembled Bakunin starter, it's not looking likely. Will try to pick up some more models this week so I can field a full 200 pts next week. 

Take care, everyone!

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