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They Have a Baneblade...

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At one point a user on Facebook asked, "how do you beat a Baneblade with Genestealer Cult" 

I believe I now have the definitive answer...

This beast was a load of fun to paint up and build. There are lots of little touches here and there if you go looking for them. I even tried something new with the tracks this time around. If you're so inclined you can read the full story at my blog - including some fun backstory on the Baneblade in Warhammer 40K.




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So since my last blog entry was a little light on details, I decided to go into the nitty gritty of getting the Cult Baneblade together and painted in the most recent installment. It's a simple green baneblade, that used:

3 colors of primer

Over 26 colors of paint + two pigments

At least four different washes

Full details (including the epic paint chart below) at the blog!  



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