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Deathcap Junction 2.0: Battle Royale on Tuesday 10/8

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Alright, gangers. The Goliaths defeated the Enforcers to secure the riches of the Reaper Ghast harvest.

The next scenario will take place on Tuesday (10/8) at 6:00 PM at WOW.

All gangs present will battle each other using the Gang Moot multiplayer scenario on page 182 of the Rulebook. As arbitrator, I am only making the following modification to the scenario. Otherwise, gangs should play the scenario exactly as written in the book.


  • If a player wins the Gang Moot, then that player may choose any single available territory to control. Any other player may choose territories drawn at random, just for taking part in the battle. If the game is a draw with no winner, then all players draw territories at random.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and I'll see you in the Underhive!






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