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AdeptiCon SAGA Tournaments


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This thread is intended to announce the AdeptiCon SAGA tournaments, but even if you don't play SAGA, with 460 tournaments, event games, and hobby seminars covering all aspects of the miniature war gaming hobby, AdeptiCon likely has something to offer you.  Last year, AdeptiCon had over 5,600 attendees!

Over the years I've made the pilgrimage to Schauburg Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) a half dozen times, to hang out with friends, eat authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza, drink copious amounts of mediocre beer (the Midwest has sh*t for beer), and play in Adepticon 40K and SAGA tournaments.  I have never been disappointed.



Below is the tentative line up for 2020's SAGA tournaments.  Each event is a 3-game, one day event.  In years past the Singles tournaments were 6 points and the Doubles teams were comprised of teams of two, 4 points warbands.  The standard Age of Magic game is 8 points, so I suspect that the AoM tournament will be the same.

Thursday, March 26: Age of Magic Singles

Friday, March 27: Age of Vikings Doubles

Saturday, March 28: Age of Crusades Singles

Sunday, March 29: Age of Vikings Singles


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  • Koyote changed the title to AdeptiCon SAGA Tournaments

Rodge and Monty have announced on the Saga Thorsday podcast the Saga tournament lineup for Adepticon 2022.

No word on specifics yet, such as the use of mercenaries, legendary units, or Old Friends, New Enemies warbands.


Thursday, March 24: Age of Magic -Singles

Friday, March 25: Age of Vikings -Doubles

Saturday, March 26: Grand Melee (Warbands from all books except Age of Magic) -Singles

Sunday, March 27: Age of Vikings -Singles



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17 hours ago, Ish said:

We can count on Warlord Koyote to bring home four shiny new trophies, right?

Fingers crossed. When it comes to SAGA tournaments, I'm much more of a soft-score player than a hard core competitor, so where I like to compete is in the Best Painted category.  I simply don't play enough to get really good at the game.  Moreover, since my local SAGA community is so small, I don't get a chance to play against a wide variety of warbands, which helps prepare one for tournament play.

I'm a bit disappointed by the line up.  I was counting on an Age of Hannibal-only tournament.  This is why I started to paint my Greeks.  Since the Greeks aren't a strong enough board to take to an open event, I may put my Greeks on the back burner.

Also, if they prohibit New Friends, Old Enemies warbands, then my Mutatawwi'a/Moors warband is limited to the Grand Melee.  If I add a few more beasties, then I can use them in the Age of Magic event as well.

Unless I paint my Pagan Rus, it looks like my Irish will be doing all the heavy lifting.

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