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Brother Glacius

Bolt Action! action

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Got in a game this week of Bolt Action! with Gordianus. He was running Brit regular infantry vs my Bersagilieri. Just did a straight meeting engagement battle in a town setting. Brits had more units and men on the table being Regular vs Vet. Game was pretty back and forth for a while until the Brit free arty hit. Tossed pin markers on three units and destroyed the MMG outright. The Italians' light mortar wreaked havoc on a platoon until the Brit mortar landed a direct hit. The pin markers started to pile up on the Italians and the Brit numbers took their toll. A Brit squad tried to cross the road and got sighted in by the Italian medium artillery. A solid hit, but there was nothing that could follow up to finish off the unit. Eventually the Brits were able to charge ahead and start taking out the depleted Bersagilieri squads. Solid victory to the Brits.

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