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Three-horn Cup 2020 - The return of D.B. Swooper

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  • Teams may be purchased using 1,100,000gp
  • Skill pack: you purchase your skills using your 1,100,000gp budget; regular skills cost 20,000gp, and doubles cost 30,000gp; each player may have up to 40,000gp in purchased skills; no stat advancements are available
  • Only allowed inducements that may be purchased with your initial 1,100,000gp allowance are one Star Player, and Halfling Master Chefs to Halfling teams, and Bribes to Goblin teams; all teams will receive gold from Nikk Three-horn for inducements at the beginning of each game based on his temperment; see below for details; 1/29/2020 amendment: you may also purchase (roster) 0-1 apothecaries and 0-2 Bloodweisser Babes/Kegs if your team race rules allow
  • Teams may be selected from any of the official 26 NAF tournament teams
  • Teams must purchase a legal team with their 1,100,000gp budget; i.e., eleven players before Star Player, no more positionals than allowed by team creation sheet, etc...


  • When - Saturday February 22nd, 2020; registration 9:00am, first game at 9:30am
  • Where - Evergreen Lanes & Restaurant Everett, WA 98203
  • How much - $25/$20 Non-Champions/Ordo Champions (Registration)
  • Who - Anyone!
  • Awards - Three-horn Cup 2020 Champion, Nikk's Champion, D.B.'s Champion, Marshall Johnson Award (Favorite Opponent), Players' Choice, Best Offense, Most Casualties, Horney Cup (Stunty Cup)

When Nikk Three-horn decided to change the venue for his highly popular annual tournament, he didn't realize his biggest foe would be there scheming against him. The infamous Goblin highjacker D.B. Swooper has learned of Nikk's big event, and plans to steal the glory intended for Nikk...will he spoil Nikk's big day?

Three-horn Cup is a one-day, four game resurrection style, swiss-system Blood Bowl tournament. For the first round only, we will do our best to pair players off against members that are outside of their home club. The tournament will run four total matches. Awards include Three-horn Cup Champion, Nikk's Champion, D.B.'s Champion, Marshall Johnson Award (Favorite Opponent), Players' Choice, Best Offense, Most Casualties, and Horney Cup (Stunty Cup).

Teams will be built with 1,100,000 gold pieces, and must be legal with eleven players minimum. Coaches may buy skills for their players, but are limited to no more than 40,000 gold per player. No stat advances are allowed. Inducement purchases are limited, as teams may only purchase a single Star Player. Some teams may purchase specific inducements with their initial allowance. Please see the team build rules later in this document.

Before each game, coaches will be courted by both Nikk Three-horn, and D.B. Swooper. Each figure is offering the coaches extra gold to purchase inducements, much like in the inaugural event last year. However, this year D.B. has bribed several of the inducements to only play for teams that choose him as their benefactor. The generous Nikk Three-horn has picked up the pieces of his plan, and the more virtuous of the inducements are remaining loyal to Nikk, and hopefully benefit from his generosity. Each figure gives teams that choose them gold to purchase inducements. The decision will also affect the coach's choice of special play cards for the game. Coaches may change their decision before each game.

You may your inducements after you have your match-up, which allows you to change your choices for each of your opponents. All inducements, except special play cards, are available for purchase, but are allocated to the figure that they are aligning to; for example, Secret Weapon star players aligned with the devious D.B. Swooper, and helpful inducements like Wandering Apothecaries and virtuous Stars like Griff aligned with the cunning Nikk...how conniving is D.B. Swooper that Nikk Three-horn is considered the good guy? He must be pretty evil! 

All games will be played away at Nikk's gorgeous new northern Naggaroth stadium, with state of the art amenities. That means no weather is rolled before the game. Before each round, the tournament organizer will roll on the Three-horn Cup 'Start of Match' chart. This chart will be published soon, and reflects the chaotic nature of Nikk's personality and temperament, and the impact of D.B.'s return. 

Cost is $25 per player, or $20 for 2019 Ordo Fanaticus Champions. For registration and payment, please visit the Ordo Fanaticus web store. Pre-registration runs 11/1/2019 through 11/30/2019. All pre-registration coaches will be entered in a drawing to win a custom Three-horn Cup 2020 neoprene (mousepad) pitch provided by Maelstrom Gaming Mats. Don't wait to sign up!



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Pre-reg Coaches (eligible for pitch drawing):

Registered Coaches:

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For those unable to attend last year's Three-horn Cup, here is a quick overview of the event, what makes it different than other tournaments, and learn why several coaches have said it's their favorite tournament they have ever played in...

Three-horn Cup is built around the concept that coaches augment their tournament team with inducements purchased before each game. When Coaches sit down to begin their game, they do not share their rosters immediately; they mention their team race only. Then, using custom forms, the Coaches purchase inducements up to the amount of gold provided before the match. 

In 2019, Nikk was the sole benefactor, providing between 300,000gc and 400,00gc to each team before each match. However, in 2020, Nikk has competition...his arch-nemesis D.B. Swooper. D.B. stole a tremendous amount of gold from Nikk back shortly after the collapse of The NAF (I wonder where Nikk got it...?), and used that money to kickstart his infamous hijacking career. Choose benefactor your benefactor carefully, it will affect the inducements you get to purchase!

Curious about last year's expenditures? Take look at the Three-horn Cup post-event infographic for more.


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Nikk Three-horn is holding his second Three-horn Cup, and is ready to lavish teams with gold to buy inducements. However, this time he has competition! D.B. Swooper, who once hijacked Nikk’s personal coach, is ready to challenge Nikk for the allegiance of the teams in attendance. 

At Three-horn Cup, teams are given 300,000gc before each game to purchase inducements; a very unusual format. Three-horn Cup is unlike any other event, and the inclusion of infamous Goblin Doom Diver D.B. Swooper makes the event even more unpredictable. 

November pre-reg! Buy your entry by 11/30/2019 midnight Pacific, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a one-of-a-kind Three-horn Cup neoprene pitch by Maelstrom Gaming Mats!


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This was last years Three-horn Cup game form, which featured each Coach’s spend for each game, as well as the game result. What would you spend 300,000 of Nikk’s gold on? All inducements up to the Ogre Spike! Journal will be eligible to the teams that may use them.

Preregistration is open until 11/30/2019, and all prereg Coaches will earn a chance to win the only Three-horn Cup neoprene pitch, provided by the amazing Maelstrom Gaming Mats.


️Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper 2/22/2020 Everett, WA USA


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Final day for Three-horn Cup 2020 preregistration! If you want in on the unique Three-horn Cup pitch raffle, and if you want to attend the tournament this upcoming February in Everett, WA, you need to register and pay today by midnight Pacific. Don’t miss out!

@kb10r @jollyork @ninefinger @sbr @scotthartman @sfoster @MOONEY @Zorcon @Frostitute 


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Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper update: we are up to nineteen registered Coaches, which means we only have eleven more spots available. All registered coaches will receive two Three-horn Cup 2020 commemorative dice, six special play cards, and best of all a bust of Nikk Three-horn! If painted, the Nikk bust will allow you to give Fan Favorite to one player on your team in any standard future Ordo Blood Bowl tournament. Don't fret, if you cannot make the Three-horn Cup, the Nikk busts will be available in the Ordo web store for purchase after the event.


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Beginning today, emails and Facebook Messenger will be used to begin collecting lists for the upcoming Blood Bowl tournament, Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper. Please make sure to submit all lists by Wednesday 2/19/2020 to Weav@OrdoBowl.com. Failure to comply will result in your opponent having choice of kicking/receiving, and no FAME bonus's.
While not perfect, http://www.littlearmydesigner.com is the preferred format, please no handwritten lists.
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From the desk of Nikk Three-horn:

Loyal coaches, I welcome you to your first official communication from me, Nikk Three-horn. There is no doubt that the upcoming Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper will be an event not to be missed, and you show much vision  and leadership attending this historic tournament. Mr. Swooper's return pleases me none, yet I know that together we can send him back to the putrid forest he emerged from. My glory will be your glory, and we prevail. Not even Mr. Roze-el's risen corpse could stop us.

To that end, it is imperative that you immediately submit to me your team roster in the very near future. My accountants will confirm your team's build matches the financial rules as I have stated them. Currently, seven champions among you have heeded the requests of my lackey Weaver, who has requested this previously via the Book of Faces. To them, I commend you. To the rest, do not delay. To not comply will be of dire consequence.

A quick reminder from my head accountant, the one who goes by the moniker 'Burk': please pay close attention to which 'inducements' you are allowed to 'roster' prior to sending. A team may purchase team goods such as an apothecary, cheerleaders, coaches and such, but only Halfling teams may roster a Master Chef, and only Goblin teams may roster bribes. One Star Player may be included on your team roster, but do forget their upkeep fee will be paid with your inducement monies before each game. The remaining inducements must be purchased before each game with remaining inducement monies. 

Your deadline for submission is Wednesday February 19th, 2020. Please reply to this communication with questions, or use the Book of Faces and post in the Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper Event page.

-- Nikk Three-horn

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