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Vehicle deployment question


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Some vehicles have protrusions that extend beyond their hull, such as spikes, dozer blades, and weapons. Do you guys only care about the hull being fully within the deployment zone, or do you have all weapons and upgrades fully within the zone? Does it matter if there is a turret that can be moved so the gun could or could not be within deployment? I'd prefer to play it as only counting the hull, but I'd like to hear the community's viewpoint.

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Generally I'm with fluger here- all parts of a tank "count" for that sort of thing. Moveable tank parts, like turrets, count for whatever position they're in. However, if you and your opponent can agree that you are going universally (rather than selectively) disregard certain parts of the model, I can see that working out- it's definitely something you would want to discuss before the game, though.

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