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Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Social Event - Brainstorm and Jibber Jabber

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Updated on THUR, DEC 26th.

We are getting together on Saturday December 28th to socialize and discuss gaming events in 2020.

  • Respond below.

Arranged by barca.

This could be your chance to get your voice heard, or turn your gaming idea into a "real thing".

This is a social event. No games are planned. For those attendees who stay later, you could arrange a game after the "meeting".

START/END time (confirmed): Noon to 4 PM
Bring your own food.
Buy beverages in the store
Location is Guardian Games, Extra Life Room (upstairs, in the back.)

  • Will accept donations to offset the cost of renting the room: $40.00 total for 4 hours

Although a schedule has been laid out for next year, we intend for the schedule to be flexible. This is probably your best opportunity to talk about that schedule, what should go into it, and how the events will be run.

(Proposed) Agenda:

  • Food and Socialize.
  • Whatever topics the group wants to discuss first: Games, "War Stories", best moments, worst experiences, "epic fail", etc.
  • Anything you want to share with the group.
  • Scheduled events:
    • Bloody Omaha Aces Campaign
    • Dogs of War 2020 Spring FoW Tournament
    • ENFILADE! 2020 FoW Tournament
    • ENFILADE! 2020 Team Yankee Event
  • Ideas for other stuff throughout the year:
    • Mid-War North Africa/Sicily/Italy (including the Mid-War Airborne forces)
    • Mid-War Eastern Front
    • Late-War  Eastern Front
    • City fight: Ortona or Cherbourg or Aachen
  • For info on Battlefront releases, read "FlamesOfWarLate-WarJourney" at https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/LateWar/FlamesOfWarLate-WarJourney.pdfa) FEB 2020: D-Day British book and model releases; b) APR 2020: D-Day Waffen-SS book and model releases; c) 2020 BAGRATION : 3 Books: 1) Soviet; 2) German and 3) Minor Nations (in Late War)
  • Other Flames of War announcements.
  • FEB 2020: WWIII: Team Yankee British book and model releases.
  • Other Team Yankee announcements.
  • Campaigns that could be run:
    • Firestorm Bagration
    • Firestorm Market Garden
    • a home-brewed Team Yankee campaign?
  • Who wants to run events one or more events in 2020?


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I would go to this. I think we have tried some new formats (mega battles, tanks giving, firestorm events) and it would be great to get feed back from those that participated.

I would also be interested in reinforcing the concept of having more people host events or be involved in events other than as a player. Not everyone is interested in that but I think we have seen that people love the hobby and are willing to contribute to keep events happening.

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I am considering renting the Extra Life room at Guardian Games, for $40.00 for 4 hours, 12-4 PM.

It is quiet and can comfortably accommodate 12-20 people.

I could get a smaller room for less $, but the next smaller size only holds 8 people. I expect we will have between 9 and 12 attendees, but i could be overly optimistic.

Food: We cold have a combination of food truck, delivered pizza and bring-you-own food

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If some of the gamers in SW Washington cannot make the DEC event, perhaps someone from there could corral a few guys from that area  arrange for a Sunday event in January to have a second social/discussion event. I would MC that second event if we could agree on a location could be somewhere between Portland and Lakewood/Olympia.

Maybe the Denny's in Kelso, WA? (110 S Kelso Dr, Kelso, WA 98626) just east of Longview, WA?
Or someone could suggest something else.

Failing that, I can make an online survey for the gamers that missed the December event

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This event is your opportunity to put forward your wishes and ideas, and to shape the events that the group decides to put on the calendar.

Some example ideas:

  • Band-of-Brothers /Easy Company
  • Kelly's Heroes: here, and here
  • World War III: Team Yankee competitive event
  • World War III: Team Yankee  mini-campaign: 4-6 battles
  • What If? scenarios:
    • the Invasion of Malta


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If you will be unable to participate in the "Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Social Event - Brainstorm and Jibber Jabber" on Saturday, DEC 28th, you can still provide your input on events for next year.

If will be attending this event on the 28th, you should not take the survey. The same questions will be discussed during our gathering.

To provide your input online, please participate in the survey at the link below, and I will add your input to the discussion on themes and events for Flames-of-War, Team-Yankee, Great War, Fate-of-a-Nation, 'NAM and TANKS!

Please complete the survey by 8 PM on Friday, 27 DEC.
If you wish to remain anonymous, you are not required to provide an e-mail address in the survey.

RoseCityDukes Planning for 2020


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Guardian Games Store policies (partial)
Age restrictions:
    Critical Sip Room and Level Up upstairs:
        21+, requires photo ID. See this link for full info: http://www.ggportland.com/critical-sip/


    Bottled and canned beverages are sold from the coolers in the general gaming area.
    Bottled and on-tap alcoholic beverages are sold in the Critical Sip room.
    Outside drinks are not allowed in the Critical Sip and Level Up areas of the store. Please do not consume beverages from containers that you did not obtain from Guardian Games. Such actions could jeopardize our OLCC Liquor License.
    If you do bring your own water bottle, or other beverage container, please leave it with the bartender while you are in the Critical Sip or Level Up. Personal water bottles are allowed in the general gaming area.


    We stock snack items for sale.
    Occasionally a food truck is parked in the parking lot.
    Outside food is allowed. All we ask is that you be considerate of other patrons and dispose of your trash in the containers provided. Please bring your own napkins, plates, etc. when possible.

For complete store polices, go to this web page: https://ggportland.com/store-policies/

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