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AstraM add on characters questions

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Since Priests, etc. don't take up a slot, they don't give a KP, right?


If an Adeptus Mechanicus dude takes servitors, can he leave them with their mechadendrites up their robot fecal processing units since he is an IC? They also don't count as KPs, right?


Can the AM target a friendly unit with a power (it says instead of shooting a weapon) while the rest of the squad shoots an enemy?


Do I have to buy a digital ebook thingamagig type of deal to use an Inquisitor allied in? Can he cohabitate with Daemon allies?

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No, units that do not take slots still give KP. Command Squads, dedicated transports, etc, are all other examples of slotless units that still give KP normally.


You're free to join (or not join) the Servitor unit as you please, yes, but keep in mind that they do have the Mindlock rule, which will take effect if a Techpriest isn't with them. They still count as a normal KP.


Yes, he can. Choosing targets for his abilities (either Awaken Machine or repairing) does not limit the actions of the rest of his squad in any way; in fact, if you have several Techpriests in a unit, they can each Awaken/repair individually on whichever targets they please.


You would need either the digital Inquisition codex or the Grey Knights codex to use an Inquisitor, yes. Strictly RAW there is a bit of debate over how exactly Come the Apocalypse interacts there, but every tournament I've seen rules them as incompatible.

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