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Make your own re-usable Gaslands Dashboards

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I found some nice color Gaslands dashboards (This PDF is missing some dashboards). You can print them as normal and throw them away, OR, you can use the method I used with plastic sleeves and dry erase and reuse them. See the finished product below (I made mine double sided).



I simply used that PDF linked above and made a word doc that allowed me to screen capture the dashboard image and copy it into either a 3"x4" or 3.5"x5" plastic toploader sleeves made by Ultra Pro.

Like these:

I used the 3.5"x5" because I already owned a bunch. If I was buying new sleeves, i'd probably go 3"x4" next time as they are still larger than the standard template.

Here's the docs I created for the 3.5x5 sleeves: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pEJYek3-vkACrBNKv84FXAwKZ6Yd9REG

  • There's 4 per page on my edited docs. Download all the docs you want and simply delete the images you don't want to print to save ink.
  • You could also print them as is and trim the yellow off if you wanted to use in smaller sleeves (or simply make the images smaller in word by double clicking the image and change the height/width setting on the top right of Word)

Print and cut them out. If you want to save space, I slipped 2 per sleeve (front and back).

  • For example, I might have Helicopter on one side and Gyrocopter on the other. Allows me to use less sleeves.

That said, then you just need some fine point dry erase markers and you're all set (highly recommend Expo brand and low odor).

That's it.

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