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Aren’t there only, like, two-and-half factions? Empire, Rebellion, and Bounty Hunters... I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I last looked at the game, maybe the prequel/sequel stuff counts as different factions.

Anyhoo, my general advice for all wargames is to pick the faction you like the most on a personal level. You’re going to be spending your own money on ‘em, putting your time into building/painting ‘em, looking at them while they sit on your bookshelf, and so forth.

Don't put that investment into collecting an army you don’t like.

That’s why, when I played,  I choose the Galactic Empire. Keeping the galaxy peaceful, secure, and spreading the cause of freedom, unlike those monarchy-loving religious zealots in the so-called “Rebellion.” Plus, TIE Fighters look sweet.

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There's actually 7 Factions now:





CIS (Separatists)




I've been out of the competitive meta for a bit, but from what I understand:

Reb: Lots of shared actions, beefier ships, less agile

Imperium: Cheap to elite fragile, with a bit of beef hidden here and there

Scum: LOLWAT? interactions and wacky cool ships

Republic: Rebel-ish with Jedi

CIS: Lots of droid ships, cheap, but formation flying can be a bear

Resistance: Rebel +, with more expensive but fancier ships

FO: Imperium +?




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