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Potential OFCC Dwarf List

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Here's the initial, untested draft:


141: Thane w/ Great weapon; Runic armor: Rune of Stone, Rune of Iron; Talisman: 3x Rune of Warding


188: Thane w/ Shield; Runic battle standard: Master Rune of Grungni, Strollaz' Rune


128: Runesmith w/ Shield; Runic armor: Rune of Stone; Talisman: Rune of Spellbreaking; Fiery Ring of Thori


98: Runesmith w/ Shield; Runic armor: Rune of Stone; Talisman: Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of the Furnace


272: 18 Quarrellers w/ Great weapons, musician, veteran


430: 25 Longbeards w/ Great weapons, full command; Strollaz' Rune, Rune of Sanctuary


387: 23 Hammerers w/ Full command, Strollaz' Rune


360: 20 Ironbreakers w/ Full command, 2x Runes of Slowness


130: 12 Miners w/ Musician


100: Gyrocopter w/ Vanguard


80: Gyrocopter


150: Cannon w/ Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning


170: Organ Gun w/ Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging


165: Flame Cannon w/ Rune of Forging


Total: 2792


The general idea is to sprint up with 3 blocks of elite dwarves (they are very dangerous over short distances after all), with the Ironbreakers (and BSB) a little closer to tempt a turn 1 charge. 2x Runes of Slowness makes that a dangerous prospect. Then the great weapon wielding guys come in to support. The rest shoots what needs to be shot or mine what needs to be mined.


One runesmith goes in with the Ironbreakers, the other with the longbeards usually. The general hangs out with his bodyguards.


Whatcha think?

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I would swap the standards on the ironbreakers and the hammerers.  You want the ironbreakers getting into combat as a tar pit (stubborn might be better) and you want the hammerers to get the charge, strength 7 is way better than strength 6.  Also, you might want to consider small units of 5 scouts, they can deploy so that you don't lose your vanguard move.  That said, I think you have a good list, I would try before you buy though.

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Yeah the standards are definitely subject to change. I flip-flopped on who has what many times. This is a scaled up version of my 2500 point list which doesn't have any ironbreakers, so my usual magical standard arrangement is different. Str 7 is definitely cool, but I think the difference from str 4 to 5 is bigger than 6 to 7 and ultimately that's why I landed on that setup.


No worries on buying, I own everything in this list and most of it is painted! I've gotta paint the miners, the 2 copters and the quarrelers are mostly done. Everything else can use some touch-ups as it's all fairly old and fairly quick paint jobs. That leaves me plenty of time to get trying and see if those banners work for me.


Thanks for the quick reply!

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Don't I know it! Help me, dkieft, you're my only hope!


I love high mobility dwarves! Too many years relegated to gunline or assault at a glacial pace. But no longer!


I especially like how they accelerate the game. I'm notoriously slow (I prefer the term "thorough"). With the new dwarves, I basically start the game in turn 3!

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Tried the list out tonight. It went extremely well. Too well to learn much. I played against empire and the game was over after 1 turn...


My cannon blew up his helblaster and demigriffs panicked off the table. My flame cannon lit up his hordebadiers and killed 13. A few other wounds here and there.


On his turn his steam tank misfired and took a wound and lost all steam points. Both his cannons hit my warmachines but neither wounded (WTF?!) A knight bus charged my longbeards did damage, and took some back. They held and Ironbreakers were about to flank charge the knights to end the fight. The remaining hordebadiers with BSB and warrior priest charged my hammerers, got trounced, fled, and were run down.


We stopped before my turn 2 because he would've lost almost everything of value he had left. His lvl 4 mage and archers were about to be charged by hammerers. A cannon was about to be charged by my gyrocopter, and his steam tank and 15 remaining free company were about to take a lot of incoming fire. I can't take much credit, though, that was some of the worst rolling I've ever seen.


Next week, I'll be playing Jim's new Wood Elves, and fully expect to be frustrated by how hard it is to come to grips with them. Should be fun though!

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having played a few games against the new dwarves I would say your results will likely be about the same (just not a turn 1 win).

as far as the list goes, my question is this, other than the miners what in the list is a "seldom seen" choice from the dwarf selection? and while I appaud your not taking 4 war machines, 3 is still on the tougher side and would likely impact my rating of this list.

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