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Battletech Mercenary Campaign - Reports

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To: [encrypted]

Subject: Intercepted Tertiary Databurst.

We were able to get the overhead text on the sideband but the core of the data is frequency scrambled. Need more contact points. Also, what is "Option C" ?

[Oak, sending Sierra Romeo and Pinecone 1, Willow lumberjacked at 8, lost a branch, inserted Bravo Romeo and Charlie to the cone. He did good, his initial estimate matched post-analysis. I think you will find the "Option C" amusing. Spring is go. Dogwood.]

From: [encrypted]

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To: Capellan Confederation Planetary Command

Subject: Recon in force concerning potential Dropship sighting

Recon Lance Alpha encountered an unaffiliated lance which we labeled UAL ( "enemy" lance compliment at end of report).

UAL were shut down around reported sighting and consisted of 1 medium and 3 light mech's. We picked one of the lights on sensors early on and encountered their medium mech with an unexpected landing on its right arm which we shall now call "Option C" by Jenner pilot Lilia Konane whose designation is now Option C. Lilia did a blind jump over some hills into a forest for some defensive reconnaissance and instead landed right on the enemy as it was powering up. This lead to minor damage to the enemy and minor leg damage which would prove critical to the Jenner. 

This use of Option C let to the Recon lance spotting two other light mechs, one hiding in the forest and another powering up in the open. Lance Commander Hori (piloting PXH-1D) Jumped near Lilia and took a shot at the light mech in the open blowing its arm off at the shoulder. 

Declan (piloting WVR-6M) moved through the valley cutting off escape in that direction, while Senko (piloting VLK-QA) made his way on the left flank to scout the other side of the hills.


A quick flurry of combat followed with the enemy medium mech making a jumping action after being banged around by our Option C but failing its landing into another set of trees and falling prone. This protected it overall from much retaliation. The other enemy light that had lost its arm took several hits that destroyed its much of its armor and parts of its internal structure. The enemy made use of a light mech with two LRM 5's to harass us as the enemy began to regroup. 


The following set of actions led to the enemy medium getting what could only be considered a lucky strike into the left leg of Lilia's Jenner blowing it completely off. The damage from the initial Option C seems to have weakened the structure JUST enough to cause this happenstance. The UAL then provided an ultimatum that if Lilia shut down they would not attack her and the Jenner further. As the Jenner teetered and right before striking back, LC Hori gave the ok and as a show of honor shut down before shooting back. 


Trying to take advantage of the wide flank Senko pushed too far and exposed his rear leading to two of the lights and the medium in the UAL to savage his rear armor on the VLK-QA destroying his LRM in the process. After a few strikes back the UAL provided a request for withdrawal. 


Lance Commander Hori Hitomi approved this. Mission parameters by the House stated to recon and see what was there and if there was signs of a Dropship. Having completed the mission requirements she determined that there would be little left to gain in further pursuit and attack.

Recon Lance Composition:

  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1D (Hori Hitomi)
  • Wolverine WVR-6M (Declan Robertson)
  • Jenner JR7-D (Lilia "Option C" Konane)
  • Valkyrie VLK-QA (Senko Kosygin)

UAL Composition:

  • Griffin GRF-1N
  • Jenner JR7-D
  • Locust LCT-1E
  • Locust LCT-1M

From: John "Rhipter" Gyrfalcon leader of Rhipter's Razors

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To: Capellan Confederation Planetary Command

Subject: Reconnoiter in force in area of supposed landing

Command Lance Alpha were sent out to reconnoiter the area of the supposed dropship landing area. Nothing was initially scanned though there was a picket of two light mechs keeping watch over the area. 

The light mechs harassed our lance and we did what we could to slow and pursue them. As they drew the lance in we found ourselves confronted by a Catapult, and a Kintaro. This forces the lance to take deliberate slow actions and eventually pulled us away from the UAL's objective. Unbeknownst to the lance the UAL had a hidden item at the location of the previous Option C. 

Ricardo in his Panther was able to record the Kintaro picking up something at the location of Option C. I have attached the video. 

We were able to force one of their Jenner's to shutdown and abandon the mech, we are now having our software techs run through the data on the Jenner for likely locations of bases. We did confirm that this Jenner was the one that lost an arm to Recon Lance Alpha. The fact it was in complete repair with no issues tells us they have a facility that is as good as the Houses Garrison facility. 


[Attached Panther video recording of what the Kintaro picked up]


From: John "Rhipter" Gyrfalcon leader of Rhipter's Razors

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___________ Planetary News

In today's headline news: Planetary Governer, Mandrissa _________ __________ has announce that her family is experiencing the illness of a loved relative. Sources close to the Mandrissa have stated in confidence that the Mandrissa and her family will be visiting the relative for a short time and are respectfully requesting that their relative's privacy be honored. I am joined by all of us here at ________ Planetary News in our hopes and prayers for the recovery of Mandrissa __________ ___________'s relative.

In other news, today..........

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To: [encrypted]

Subject: Databurst Intercept 98Romeo

Enclosed the 3 data cores, It's all video and battle coms from combat actions, Send to PGMI? This is the overhead from the last one. Anything back on "option C"?

[Oak, Dogwood, got chainsawed enroute to 2, suggest Option C is OFSOP because Willow 2 is down , Putting on sunscreen. Willow]

From: [encrypted]

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To: _____________ Planetary Directorate, Capellan Confederation Armed Forces

Subject: Dignified Transfer of Remains

From: Mortuary Affairs, Mercenary Review Board, ComStar, Galatea

    I have received a request to transfer the remains of Sergeant Joseph Knight. This pilot was Killed or Wounded in Action on contract for McCarron's Armored Cavalry on _______________. In addition, I have received an additional request from McCarron's Armored Cavalry's adjutant, Lieutenant Colonel Naomi Russell, for personal clothing and equipment as well as recordings in memorium as per MRB protocol.


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-chirp chirp-

"Hello, this is Captain Daniels, Planetary Investigations Division, can I help you?"

"Jake, guess who?"

"I'm a detective, not a guesser. Who am I speaking to please?"

"It's your favorite informant"

"ah! Long time no not see. What can I do for my most favoritist informant?"

"The mandressa. She's supposedly been staying at her grand uncle's place. Absolutely not true, the estate's been empty for weeks."

"...   ... Interesting. I can see that it's important, but why would it be important enough for you to get in touch now, it's been a couple years."

"Are you kidding? With the whole Reserve Bank thing?"

"What Reserve Bank thing?"

"Really? The vaults. The Planetary Reserve vaults are empty, been empty for at least 5 days, and I think there's a connection with another thing that's also missing."

"How do you know that?"

"Come on Jake, you are talking to your mostest favorite informant, of course I know that."

"No, I am being serious, how do you know that?"

"Why are you asking? That's not how I do things Jake, you know that."

"Here's the question. What else do you know about that?"

"Interesting. Actually not much more than that, why?"

"Because of the 3 people who have the capability to do that, 2 of them have also come up missing, with their families. One of them went missing the hard way, children and all."

"... Director Lou Hong?"

"Classified. Along with some other things about which inquiries are proceeding. A large number of things. So my advice to my favorite informant is to find the deepest hole he can find and stay there for another 2 years."


"Yep, again"

"Alright Jake, thanks. I won't keep in touch"

"You know where to find me."

-beep boop-


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January 3020

Katrina Elizabeth Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth,
Duchess of Tharkad

Cordially invites you to a reception to celebrate
the union of her daughter

Melissa Arthur Steiner
Archon-Designate, Landgrave von Bremen


Hanse Davion,
Prince of the Federated Suns,
Duke of New Avalon

The reception is at two thirty p.m., Saturday,
August twentieth, Nineteen hundred and Eighty-
eight at the FASA booth.

In 3020, Archon Katrina Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth issued a "Peace Proposal" to all of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere; only First Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns responded, and the two states began a long-running dialogue. In 3020 the two Successor States signed the FedCom Accords, a treaty which formalized military, scientific and economic exchange between the two states. However, included in the document was a secret provision, promising the marriage of Prince Hanse and Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner, which would unite the two in a vast political entity, the Federated Commonwealth.

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