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Battletech Campaign Costs

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18 minutes ago, Ish said:

Does anyone really need anything other than LRMs and ER Medium Lasers? 

All I need is a cockpit on legs that shoots missiles out of boxes.


And if you need to replace that LRM or purchase the ammo?


Speaking of which, I have updated the list with ammo costs..

This is all 3025 era fyi, so no clan tech or dark ages

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Actual game-play is a lot simpler, most of the above stuff is only relevant for campaign play (and the dirty little secret there is that the GM does most of the work 😉 ).

Pretty much all of game play is "roll 2d6, get equal to or greater than a target number to succeed," "compare number on your character sheet to the number on his character sheet, bigger is better," and of course "compare number on your sheet labelled Move to the number of hexes on the map."

If you can play literally any other game we talk about on this forum you can learn to play BattleTech.

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