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Geoff Robinson 40k Memorial Tournament 12/14-12/15 *POSTPONED*

von hammer

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Geoff was a friend to so many in our community and I know I’m not the only one who wants to help in some way or another. So let’s do just that, let’s get together and play what he loved, Warhammer 40,000. 

We will be playing a 3 round ITC tournament at Guardian Games in Portland, OR (because we know iNcontrol would have wanted those points lol) and sharing our amazing stories of the man himself. 

Sign ups are $40 Through Best Coast Pairings and 50% of the entry fees will be donated to Geoffs favorite charity, SoCal Bulldog Rescue. The rest will go towards an awesome pizza lunch and a couple prizes for winners. 

We will have room for 24 players so sign up ASAP. We hope to see you there and can’t wait to hear the stories you have to share!!

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For those of you not on Facebook...

So here are the basic details...

* We will be using scenarios 1, 2, and 4 because they feel like something a Nids player would do well with.
* This will be an ITC event so you will be earning points towards the LVO, again, because Geoff was so involved with Frontline and the ITC.
* All ITC rules will be in place, please review them (I will be placing links in this event feed next.
* With new supplements coming out already we will have a cut off date of December 7th. No new rules will be used after that date.

As for the tournament it will be 2 rounds on Saturday and 1 round on Sunday for the first 24 people to sign up. We would love more to come and hang out and talk all things Geoff but I only have spots for 24 players. Please call Guardian Games to sign up!

Lunch will be provided (Pizza from Costco) and choice of soda (Pepsi or Diet Pepsi) but feel free to grab something from the Critical Sip!!

Winners after the tournament will be "Best General", "Best Painted", and a new "Geoff Robinson Award" (Best Xenos army) and each will get some cool prizes!

Feel free to ask questions and I am so sorry this is so quick to go up but I just wanted to get something going for Geoff and the people in our area to remember such an amazing man, friend, and competitor.

Thank you,
Anthony (Von Hammer)

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Hello Ordo!

As sad as this makes me, I will have to postpone this event till after the new year. I just didn’t have the head count that was needed to make the event what it should be size wise (only 2 people signed up).  

I will look at dates after the holiday for the new year and make sure it’s something that will work for more people to come.  

Thank you for understanding! Have a great holiday. 

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