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I am running a Battletech tabletop mercenary company campaign for Damian and Chris Greene. I can be available pretty much any day of the week. To start, do the following things:

-1 page backstory on the company commander. (So I can allocate reputation)

-A combat unit roster (4 mech lance/12 mech company/Mixed Company)

Do the maths to sum the total C-Bill cost for the combat units.

Then hire some pilots/crew/techs. I have posted some already, if you need more just let me know. Recruit Pay is 1000 C-Bills/Vet Pay 2000 C-Bills. The third number on the pilots/techs is the technical skill. Once you got that then we can get together to figure out the final base pay for the unit and I can generate some contracts. The company commander is set to 2/3/4 skill. I would suggest for a starting company that you have at least 3 techs available over your combat unit pilots. If you want to do refits then I would suggest having a beefier tech section. The campaign is straight C-Bills, and set to somewhere around 3019 to start. I use a simplified system with a single page tech/transport/costs sheet.

If you have any questions call me 503-957-7906


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So... The hours I've spent bashing my head against Campaign Operations isn't necessary? 

Because I seriously just spent the last five hours figuring out the peacetime fuel consumption of a Union-class DropShip; the monthly salaries of my MechWarriors, tech crews, and the administrative support staff; and peace-time ammunition consumption costs... Arrrgh! 

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Detroit Consolidated MercWorks

Unit Profile (as of 3020)
CO:                     Major Isaiah Sanders-Howe
XO:                     Captain Aretha Cooper
JumpShips:     No
DropShips:      Yes
Aerospace:     No
Armor:             No
Infantry:          No

Unit History
Detroit Consolidated MercWorks is a Mercenary Company that is most notable for being a subsidiary of Detroit Consolidated MechWorks, one of the most technologically advanced military hardware manufacturers in the Periphery. The Detroit system is located near the Appian and Linhauiguan systems and was first colonized in 2488.

Detroit remained an independent Periphery world for much of its history, although the resources produced by the planet led to the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat battling for attempted control of the planet during the First Succession War. Detroit held the dubious distinction of being involved in the only full-scale conflict to be fought between Periphery states during any of the Succession Wars. The Taurian-Canopian War - also referred to as the 200-Hour War - was a brief and largely pointless campaign fought between the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat. 

The brief conflict resulted in a negotiated truce signed on Detroit in February 2814, which included an agreement that Detroit and the neighboring systems of Herotitus and Spencer would all be "demilitarized systems."  Two centuries later, when the Concordat and Magistracy began a joint colonization venture in the area dubbed the New Colony Region, Detroit was incorporated into that region.

Chartered in 3015, Detroit Consolidated MercWorks is not officially a part of the government forces of Detroit. They are legally required by their charter to accept only MCRB contracts that will have them operating off world. However, a few times during their brief history they've responded to pirate raids against their homeworld "voluntarily." 

Detroit Consolidated MercWorks owns one Union-class DropShip, christened the DCMS-101 Menominee, and can field three Lances of BattleMechs.



Maj. Isaiah Sanders-Howe

Isaiah Sanders-Howe (Born 5 May 2981) is the commander of the Detroit Consolidated MercWorks mercenary unit. Known for his pragmatic and cautious approach to warfare, especially the use of long-range and indirect fire. Sander-Howe is acknowledged by most who knew him as a father-figure to his men and would go to great lengths to prioritize the survival of his MechWarriors over that of their `Mechs.

Isaiah Sanders-Howe is a man of average height, slightly over-weight, with grey eyes and balding brown hair.

Isaiah Sanders-Howe was born in Flint, on Detroit, the son and grand-son of mine workers who labored in the deep chasm located between Dearborn and Flint known as the Warren Fault. The Warren Fault provided inexpensive access to many precious mineral veins, but conditions were dangerous and worker safety was a low priority for the corporations that ran the mines. Therefore, throughout his whole youth Isaiah's parents pushed him towards schooling, atheletics, trade programs... Anything that might give him a shot at a career outside the mines. At the age of 13, he enlisted with the 3rd Battalion, 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry as a `Mech Astech, eventually working his way up to a journeyman `Mech Technician by age 20. Placed in charge of a tech crew maintaining an older Catapult CPLT-C1. During an operation to pacify a pirate operation in the Corodiz system, the MechWarrior assigned to Sanders-Howe was killed when their base camp came under enemy air assault. Sanders-Howe lept into the cockpit himself and shot down both of the pirate aerospace fighters... He was given a field promotion to MechWarrior the next day.

Sanders-Howe served McCarron's Armored Cavalry with quiet professionalism for the next twelve years. Sanders-Howe was as careful with his pay as he was with his troops, eventually saving up over one million C-Bills. Sanders-Howe had planned a quiet retirement back home on Detroit, but he was approached representatives of some Detroit's business and civic leaders. Under the terms of the  Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat's peace treaty, Detroit was officially a "demilitarized system" and couldn't raise any military of its own. However, the risk of another war between the Periphery's larger powers (or worse a war between the Great Houses) swallowing up Detroit was seen as too great not to take some precautions against. Thus, the formation of Detroit Consolidated MercWorks.

Sanders-Howe was named its first commanding officer and his million C-Bill investment allowed him to buy 5% of the shares.

1st Lance / Command Lance [ [ 17,997,185 CB ]
Marauder MAD-3R                                                           [ 6,627,250 CB ] Pilot: Issiah Sanders-Howe (2/3/4)                 Salary: 2,000 CB
Catapult CPLT-C1                                                             [ 5,691,525 CB ] Pilot: Bhan Van Bao (4/4/5)                              Salary: 1,000 CB
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1                                                      [ 4,066,090 CB ] Pilot: Gesualdo Painu  (4/4/4)                          Salary: 1,000 CB  
Wasp WSP-1A                                                                  [ 1,612,320 CB ] Pilot: Abdur Raqeeb al-Monsouri (4/4/4)        Salary: 1,000 CB   (Also an Assistant Tech)  

2nd Lance / Fire Lance [ 17,120,041 CB ]
Blackjack BJ-1                                                                 [ 3,145,775 CB ] Pilot: Ludvig Fisker (3/4/4)                                Salary: 2,000 CB 
Archer ARC-2R                                                                 [ 6,180,973 CB ] Pilot: Velizar Lazarevic (4/3/6)                         Salary: 1,000 CB  
Archer ARC-2R                                                                 [ 6,180,973 CB ] Pilot: Storm Hemmingsen (4/3/4)                   Salary: 1,000 CB   (Also an Assistant Tech)  
Wasp WSP-1A                                                                  [ 1,612,320 CB ] Pilot: Szabo Zsofia (4/5/4)                               Salary: 1,000 CB  

3rd Lance / Recon Lance [ 6,583,590 CB ]
Commando COM-2D                                                       [ 1,823,750 CB ] Pilot: Einar Folkbiornsson (3/4/4)                    Salary: 2,000 CB 
Locust LCT-1M                                                                 [ 1,612,320 CB ] Pilot: Raquel  Kanashiro  Bitencourt (4/4/3)   Salary: 1,000 CB   (Also an Assistant Tech)       
Wasp WSP-1A                                                                  [ 1,612,320 CB ] Pilot: Tinecia Middlesex (4/5/6)                        Salary: 1,000 CB          
Wasp WSP-1A                                                                  [ 1,612,320 CB ] Pilot: Josif Rudin (4/5/5)                                    Salary: 1,000 CB  

Other Assets
Union-class DropShip                                                       [ 15,000,000 CB ] Crew: 13 Enlisted, 1 Veteran Officer              Salary: 15,000 CB          
`Mech Technicians                                                           Crew: 2 Veteran Techs, 6 Assistant Techs*                                 Salary: 10,000 CB

Subtotal (Monthly Salary): 40,000 CB          
Monthly Loan Payment:      250,000 CB                                  

* Not counting MechWarriors also acting as Assistant Techs    


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The Union is 15 million C-Bills. So your total is hmm. The Archer 2R is 6,180,973, 2 of them would be just over 12 mil.

1st Lance / Command Lance [ 17,997,185 CB ]
Marauder MAD-3R (Pilot: Maj. Sanders-Howe) [6,627,250]
Catapult CPLT-C1 [5,691,525]
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 [4,066,090]
Wasp WSP-1A [1,612,320]

2nd Lance / Fire Lance [ 17,120,041]
Blackjack BJ-1 [3,145,775]
Archer ARC-2R  [6,180,973]
Archer ARC-2R [6,180,973]
Wasp WSP-1A [1,612,320]

3rd Lance / Recon Lance [ 6,583,590 CB ]
Commando COM-2D  [1,823,750]
Locust LCT-1M [1,535,200]
Wasp WSP-1A  [1,612,320]   
Wasp WSP-1A  [1,612,320] 

So, go back through http://mordel.net/index.php or another site and check my numbers. But I got 41,700,816 Mil C-Bills plus the 15 mil for the union is 56 mil. ish. so you get a "loan" for 60 mil. That will give you some spending cash. So your "monthly payments" are 250,000 C-bills. Your base pay is going to be, combat platforms only, get 3 vets, 1 per lance at 2000 c-bills, and 8 recruits at 1000, 187,753 C-Bills. round that up to 190k C-Bills. You will need to hire 14 Crew minimum for the Union, and I suggest 3 Mechtechs at least for the repairs. If you want to do refits you will need more Techs. In my campaign everyone can be a wrench tech (that's the 3rd skill in the 2/3/4 business)

So, contracts. I would normally suggest for your first contract a garrison contract, it's up to you though. the Union is helpful for objective raids. Garrison contracts usually run 3-4x base pay multiplier (so 550-750k C Bills per month), Objective raids you can get up to 5-7x multiplier (950K-1.3M C Bills). You will have to "pay off" the loan each month but that's what the scale looks like. We are starting somewhere around 3019 with the wedding announcement sometime after the first 12 ish months of the campaign.

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Now, I would HIGHLY suggest you not take any raids until you have figured out your recovery section. Raids are the most likely missions to lose Mechs and Pilots. I posted some up here. https://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/213139-battletech-mercenary-campaign-contracts/ 

You will also want to have some breathing space to configure/mod your union. But it's up to you. If you want I can post some initial garrison contracts.



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I just checked the pricing in the Merc Handbook 3055 and the mechs are slightly more in cost there than on the Mordel site. Use the cheaper one.

And another point for first contract being relatively long. You can send the Union out on it's own contracts to gain more cash while you are fighting on the ground.

Edit. Your union crew can also double up as techs if you want to keep it on the ground.

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I am running a table-top campaign. I have scenarios that allow two players on contract to play each other. Notionally they play against each other but in campaign/game the opposing force is part of the contract for each player. After each game each pilot gains an XP point plus each player nominates an opposing pilot as MVP for an additional XP point.

To start: Generate 1-3 combat units. I/e 3 lances/1 company. Or you can do like Chris did and have one of the combat units be tracked vehicles. You can start with a lance if you want or a tank company or whatever strikes your fancy. Total up the cost of the combat units, add a bit for spending money and that amount is the starting "loan". The loan is divided up into monthly payments across 20 years.

I do want to see a 1 page background on the company commander/unit history so I can do reputation.

Finally hire pilots/techs. Veterans are 2,000 C-bills monthly pay, Recruits are 1,000 C-bills monthly pay. Sum up the monthly pay and add it to the monthly loan payment and that is the unit's Monthly Base Pay for contracts.

This is an example contract for 3019:

Employer: Magistracy of Canopus

Assignment: Garrison Duty

Contract Length: 20 Months

Payment Multiplier: 2.16X Base Pay

Support: 60%

Battle Loss Compensation: 30%

Drop/Jump Ship Compensation 27%

Commercial Compensation: 39%

Salvage Rights: Full Salvage

Command Rights: Independent Command

So, for example, if you build a company of 12 mechs that have a C-Bill cost of 50 million C-Bills, your monthly payment is 208,333 C-Bills. 3 veteran/8 Recruit Pilots is 14,000. That makes a Base Pay of about 223K C-Bills. So for this Garrison Contract you would make 480k C-Bills per battle/game/month.

You recalculate your Base pay for each contract based on your current combat units value and pilot skill.

A battle is one month. So 1 game with a player, do MVP/XP,  then get paid, pay your monthly payment and Pilot/Tech pay, and do the post game repairs/reloads.

As the campaign progress, build your mechs, get dropships, gain reputation and fame, establish a home planet and get ready for the 4th Succession War. If you make it through that... Then 3048/3050 depending on where your home base/current contract is.


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Edited the Unit Profile up above with corrected Mech costs, pilots taken from your thread here, and some support personnel. If I correctly did my maths, I have 3,299,184 CB left from my initial 60 million. I figure I'll keep all of that in reserve, unless some basic flatbed trucks and cargo-handling equipment isn't built in to the DropShip's price.  

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That was the issue @Ish Pete went in to grab a thing found out he DIDN'T have a hand... had to switch to his Victor to pick the thing up... after savaging his Victor with my Black Knight and Hunchback-4G he picks it up and then the Hunchback hits him with the AC20 blowing the EXACT arm with the Hand actuator right off... which led to a 4 hour game of him TRYING and for one reason or another failing to pick the item up... so...yea... I ended up salvaging an entire Command lance of a Victor, Grasshopper, Dragon, and Jenner.... It was the craziest thing and it ended with my Marauder getting a lucky Head shot to a Jenner when I needed 9's to hit...


I mean his grasshopper pilot nearly killed himself trying to get back up after he lost a leg and couldn't roll a 10 to get up to save his life and then eventually went unconscious... 

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OH and I didnt lose a SINGLE mech... which was a close call because my Hunchback was getting ganged up on after blowing the arm off the Victor but he got off the map and then my Panter 8Z (best version btw) got off the table a few hours later after picking on people on and off and while taking some structural damage he wouldnt die for one reason or another... panther was MVP it seems...

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