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Sparkle Party Death Match 4 - Sparkle Party Like It's 2999


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SPARKLE PARTY DEATH MATCH 4 - Sparkle Party Like It's 2999
A Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament and Painting Competition

A Washington State and Pacific Northwest Masters Qualifier.

July 27th, 2014

Seattle Center Armory Loft Room #2
305 Harrison Street
Seattle,WA 98109
(206) 684-7200


Tickets On Sale Now @

Three scenario based games. 

Warhammer 8th Edition rules and most current Games Workshop Errata and FAQ’s will be used. 

Army Selection
Each player will field a valid 2999 point army constructed from an official Games Workshop, Forge World and or Black Library Digital Editions book. 
These include: 
• Beastmen 
• Bretonnia 
• Daemons of Chaos 
• Dark Elves 
• Dwarfs 
• Empire 
• High Elves 
• Lizardmen 
• Ogre Kingdoms 
• Orcs & Goblins 
• Skaven 
• Tomb Kings 
• Vampire Counts 
• Warriors of Chaos 
• Wood Elves 

The Following Warhammer Fantasy Supplements and Rules are allowed: 
• Storm of Magic: Scrolls of Binding* 
• Storm of Magic: Sorcerous Pacts* 
(*Special Note: Scrolls of Binding and Sorcerous Pacts may be taken using their normal restrictions from the Special choice allowance) 
• Battle Scrolls (Special Note: Official releases from the Black Library Digital Editions only) 

The Following Forge World books and units are allowed to be used: 
• Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos 
• Forgeworld: Ogre Kingdoms - Grimhorn Rhinox Riders 
• Forgeworld: Orcs & Goblins – Night Goblin Squig Gobba 
• Forgeworld: Monstrous Arcanum 

Closed army lists. So you do not have to disclose magic items, big names, virtues, bloodline powers, fanatics, ambushers, etc. before the game. All normal unit upgrades should be disclosed before the game.
Magic users must have their lore choice noted on their army list entry.

All terrain is mundane and will be pre-arranged.

Painting and Models
You may play with unpainted models but if you do so you are not eligible to win Best Painted or Best Overall
Non-Games Workshop models may be used but must clearly represent the model/unit type*
All units of more than one model MUST have appropriately sized movement trays. This includes Skirmishers and Flying Cavalry. The trays can be made from cereal boxes but you MUST have them.
All models must be on a base the size normally provided for them
Weapons, armor options and general upgrades chosen from the army list must be shown on the majority of the models in a unit. If you have models with great weapons, the majority must be armed that way, the same thing goes with shields and missile weapons* 
Models created by spells or abilities must be represented by the appropriate models*. Dice counters at the back of a unit will not be allowed. If you do not have the models then the spell or ability simply may not be used
* Proxies are not allowed. If you are not sure then it is best to check it with me beforehand to avoid problems later.

Painting Contest ($50 cash prize!)
Any scroll of binding model/unit. 
The contest is open to those who do not play in the tournament.

Props and Phat Lewts
Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place in the following. Cash prizes will be awarded to the first place winner in each category.
• Best Overall. If tied the player with the highest sportsmanship score will win.
• Best Sportsman. If tied the player with the lowest battle points total will win.
• Best Painted Army. If tied the player with the highest number of players choice votes wins.
• Best General. If tied the player with the highest paint score wins.
• Painting Contest. This time with 2nd and 3rd places. Open to non-players.
• Random Raffle. Only one winner. Players only. Must be present at time of drawing to win.




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