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Bundle of Holding - Infinity RPG Bundle

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Hey all,

bundleofholding.com currently has a bundle of DRM-free pdfs of some of the Infinity RPG books.

$9.95 gets the Core Rulebook, Adventures In the Human Sphere (10 missions), and the GM Screen & Code Infinity: Classified (charts, tables, 2 short adventures).

Paying more than the threshold (currently $18.62) gets you the above + the Gamemaster's Guide, Ariadna Sourcebook, Haqq Sourcebook, and the Quantronic Heat mini-campaign.


It's worth noting that this is not a complete set of current releases by far. Notably absent is the Player's Guide. There are also additional faction sourcebooks (Nomads, PanO, Aleph, Yu Jing) and a few other mission/campaign books that have already been released and more releases on the way.

I have not had the opportunity to play the rpg so can't speak on the system itself but these are nice books for fluff and have been fully vetted and approved by Corvus Belli. 

If someone were to start a campaign I would definitely be interested in playing, time permitting.


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I haven’t played the Infinity RPG (or the wargame for that matter), but I’ve played several other games from Modiphius.

I cannot say enough good things about their Robert E. Howard’s Conan RPG, which I’ve loved since day one. Not only is it a true love-letter to Howard’s work, it’s probably one of the best fantasy roleplaying games ever... Wish I could find more people interested in it.

I was an alpha- and beta-test GM for Star Trek which is also great. The only negative thing I can say about it is that I don’t like the layout of the final released corebook... White text on dark page backgrounds is just too damn hard to read. That’s it. That’s the only complaint I have.

I’ve read the Infinity core rulebook and the Aridana (am I spelling that right?) faction book. Can’t speak to how faithfully it reflects the wargame, since I have zero knowledge of it, but looking at it as a standalone RPG it’s really cool.

Modiphius using the same basic system for all of their games, tweaked a bit for each specific game in order to better emphasize themes and focuses of the game’s milieu. Conan puts a lot of emphasis on directly and physically overcoming difficult odds, swashbuckling combat, and High Adventure; Star Trek puts an emphasis on team-work and creative skill use to overcome challenges; Infinity puts equal emphasis on social engineering and intelligence gathering as it does guns blazing combat.

If someone starts an Infinity campaign (and time permits) I’m there in a heartbeat.

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I have a good friend who was a playtester for this game. He had mixed things to say about it. It's pretty faithful to the lore, but character creation seems a bit weird and takes a lot of the power and control out of the player's hands. It also sounds like Corvus Belli kept sticking their noses into the development process and insisting on all manner of changes, they spent a lot of the dev process stepping all over Modiphius' toes. I have pdfs of the books, and I keep meaning to read them at some point. But even as a roleplayer and a hardcore Infinity nerd, I dunno how well I'd enjoy the RPG.

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Character generation follows the Traveller school of design, with a lifepath system and a lot of random rolls. There’s an option already baked into the game that eliminates a lot (but not quite all) of the randomness... and it wouldn’t be too hard for a GM to say “meh, just pick what you want from the charts instead of rolling for it.”

Modiphius also makes an online character generator available for the game. Greatly speeds up chargen, although it does help to have some idea of how the game works already since it assumes you’ve got access to the book(s).

Its definitely a game and setting that requires a GM who is very familiar with the ‘verse.

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