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2019 Bolt Action League Rules

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Ordo Fanaticus is hosting an escalation league for Bolt Action.  New players are encouraged and welcome.

Participants will play one game per week at a specified  points level and a designated rulebook scenario posted to this thread before the week starts.

  • If both players agree they may play a different rulebook scenario.

Schedule by week-of date and points level:

  • Jan 5-Jan 11: 500 points
  • Jan 12-Jan 18: 600 points
  • Jan 19-Jan 25: 700 points
  • Jan 26-Feb 1: 800 points
  • Feb 2-Feb 8: 900 points
  • Feb 9-Feb 15: 1000 points
  • Feb 16-Feb 22: 1000 points

Games are not required to be played at the Ordo clubhouse, nor are they required to be played on Tuesday nights. 

  • It is suggested that players arrange a game beforehand via the game-night thread or in this thread.
  • Players may arrange to play their weekly league game at another venue or day/night.

One player shall report the game via a form to be found HERE each week.

Players should declare their preferred faction/nation prior to the start of the league for general reference, but may change platoon lists from week-to-week as they please.

  • Eg. A British Army player could field a Reinforced Platoon from Armies of Great Britain one week and then field a different British Army platoon from another campaign book if desired in another week. 
  • Whenever possible, players should also declare their orders dice color to avoid confusion when randomly drawing order dice from a bag to determining activation order during the game.

Players are encouraged to play as many different opponents as they can over the course of the league, ideally arranging games in advance via the forums or any other resource they’re comfortable with.

There is no restrictions on platoon/theater selector, but all armies should only be built from a single platoon list.

  • Generic Reinforced Platoons from the respective army books are encouraged, but not required.
  • Multiple platoons are not allowed unless a player is unable to field the game points level in a single platoon from their army collection.
  • This is intended to encourage thematic game-play and avoid the complications of multiple tanks or similar issues seen in competitive lists.

Units shall be selected from a single source as listed from their army or campaign book where the platoon being used is defined.

  • Universally available units are allowed per their rules which must be made available to all opponents if choosing to use any.
  • Tank platoons are not allowed.
  • Experimental units or Named characters are not allowed.

Players are encouraged to avoid any ‘beardy’ or WAAC lists (Japan bamboo spear hordes, multiple flamethrowers, etc.); the league is intended to be fun and introductory for both new and experienced players.

  • If you’re bringing what you believe to be a strong list, please let your opponent know well in advance if possible to let them try and plan accordingly.

League points scoring:

  • WIn: 2 points
  • Draw: 1 points
  • Loss 0 points
  • Fully painted and based (3 colors minimum): 1 point
  • 1 new unit type (transport, artillery, etc.) not previously used in the league: 1 point
  • New opponent not played previously in the league: 1 point

Errata and rules adjustments:

  • Transports towing artillery or other weaponry shall only have the capacity occupied by the crew count consumed; additional units may still embark as per the rules into remaining passenger capacity.



Participants and Faction:

  • Bosco, Australians Americans
  • Scotthartman, Germans
  • Burk, Germans
  • Brother Glacius, Germans
  • Acer circinatum, Bulgarians
  • Aaron Nance, Americans
  • Gordianus, British
  • Mack (maybe), Germans
  • Max, Americans
  • Collin, Norwegians
  • McKenzie, Americans
  • Alex, Japanese
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24 minutes ago, Acer circinatum said:

I have about three new players (who’ve never played table top wargaming) who are interested in joining us. Would you prefer they sign up and post their faction or could I do that for them?

Either way is fine, just need to get a general heads up for player count to make sure we're covered

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