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2019 Bolt Action League Rules

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 Burk and I managed to get a game today (Sunday). Was great for both sides, several new situations came up that we muddled through, which was fine for learning the game. 

Take away was a fun game and an agreement that the rulebook is poorly laid out. Everything seems to be covered in it but in hard to find places. I would call it unintuitive. Still fun though!

Remember those order tests are key!

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Good game last night between @Burk and myself. Lots of good turns, back and forth momentum throughout. 

Burk, your question on calculating cover I got wrong. Cover is applied to all shots based on if at least 50% of target unit is obscured to at least 50% of firing unit. So the modifier applies to all shots of the unit rather than individual models, unlike range which is by model.

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3 minutes ago, Brother Glacius said:

700 points and the tanks are rolling...I don't even think I have one put together for my DAK yet.... yikes

Eh, we played at 800 points. Next table over had a Hetzer and an M10 (M10 died to the opening shot of the game, but the vet US army came back for a strong showing).  IMO, my M4 was my MVP (mobile armored machine gun fortress) despite not firing the main cannon all game and failing an order test at one point.


1 hour ago, Acer circinatum said:

Awesome. Who won?

US Army managed to thin out the horde at range despite a few critical setbacks and bunkered in their own deployment to win. Inexperienced Russian infantry was a significant factor, forcing Scott to hunt for 7's a lot more often than I was and his mortar only managed to hit once in the game.  

That said, it almost went the other way when my infantry completely whiffed at unloading on a 4-man SMG-wielding anti-tank squad early game. Fortunately, I got 1st-dice for turns 2-4 despite being outnumbered almost 2:1 on order dice early on.


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