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Gaslands: 24 Heures du Carnage

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I'm thinking of running a marathon game of Gaslands as part of the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge in July 2020. My idea is to mix the post-apocalyptic mayhem of Gaslands with the pageantry of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, and maybe raise some donations for a food bank, homeless shelter, or similar worthy cause. I've thrown together a rough-draft of my proposed rules for such an event and welcome feedback from everyone. I'm calling the event...

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24 Heures du Carnage

The 24 Heures du Carnage circuit will be set up in advance by the Gaslands Heads of Gaming ("HoGs" or "Gas HoGs") for the Ordo Fnaticus Club Challenge. The 24 Heures du Carnage circuit will be styled similar to the actual Circuit de la Sarthe but will not be a scale model of it (an actual 1:64 scale model of the Circuit de la Sarthe would be close to 700 feet long!). The circuit will consist of a Starting Gate (which will also be the Lap Line) and several other Gates. The circuit will also be big, I'm currently thinking something along the lines of 20' or more in total length of track!

  • Vehicles must pass through gates sequentially (Gate One, Gate Two, Gate Three...).
  • Vehicles will keep a record of each gate they pass through.
  • Vehicles will keep a record of each time they pass over the Lap Line.
  • Vehicles only count as passing through the gate when they cross it moving in the right direction.
  • The circuit will have plenty of obstacles on the track in in the way of the race.
  • The circuit will be much longer and much larger than the typical Gaslands track.
  • The circuit will be designed to emphasize endurance as much as speed.

The 24 Heures du Carnage will by played by four to six teams consisting of two or three players. Each team will have a budget of 60 Cans to spend on vehicles, weapons, perks, etc. 

One player per team will be playing at any one time, with no player allowed to play for more than six hours at a time. 

For every can of food (or an item of like worth, at the Gas HoGs' discretion) that a team donates, they may add +5 Cans to their budget, to a maximum of 120 cans total (60 Cans initial, plus up to 60 Cans gained via donate). 

Roll off to determine who has Pole Position. The player will pole position deploys the first vehicle and activates the first vehicle. 

Whenever the player with Pole Position passes through a gate with any vehicle, they must immediately choose another player and pass Pole Position to them.

The Starting Grid will be four vehicles wide and as deep as required to deploy all vehicles.

Starting with the player in Pole Position, players will take it in turn to place a vehicle anywhere in the first rank of the Starting Grid. Players must fill up the first rank of the Starting Grid before a vehicle can be placed into the second rank, and so on.

Vehicles may not make shooting or dropped weapon attacks until they have passed through all Gates and passed the Starting Line to complete one lap.

The producers of the Gaslands TV show don't like a clear winner.  It doesn't make good television.

When any active vehicle crosses the Starting Line, completing a Lap, every other player rolls a D6 and adds the number of Gates behind the active vehicle that their front-most vehicle is. If the total is 6 or more, they immediately gain one Audience Vote.

At any point during the 24 Heures du Carnage event audience members -- persons not on a team and not a Gas HoG -- may place cash donations into the Tip Jar. Every dollar donated will convert to an Audience Vote for a team of their choosing.

Twenty-four hours after the first activation of the initial Pole Position vehicle the 24 Heures du Carnage will end.

As soon as the twenty-four hours end, freeze play and check the positions of all vehicles. The closest vehicle to the Lap Line that has completed the most Laps is the winner.  The next closest vehicle to the finish line that has completed the most Laps is in second place, and so on.

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