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When: Jan 28th (Tentative)
Where: Western Oregon Wargamers
What: a mafia-themed board game, with layout and mechanics similar to Lords of Waterdeep. 
Who: Hopefully you! I need at least 5 players.

I have a couple of friends have been working on a new board game for the last 18 months. They have asked me to find some playtesters to try it out as they now have a working prototype (alpha version). As such, I'm soliciting from the membership here to see if anyone would be interested in the checking out the gameplay and mechanics. The playtest session will probably start around 6pm, last for a couple hours, followed by a 30 minute feedback session. As a courtesy (and enticement), pizza will be provided for the playtesters. Signing a NDA or similar legal document will not be necessary, as some changes and tweaks will probably be made before the beta stage. I need at least 5 players (6 max) to try it out; so if you are interested and available, please post here! You can also post any questions about the game or playtest session here and I will answer them if I can. 


Thanks for looking and I hope to see you on Tuesday the 28th! 😎

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On 1/26/2020 at 7:45 AM, Blustorm said:

@Ish @DisruptiveConduct

Please post here if you are still confirmed for this Tuesday night. I can make the session work with just the two of you (plus myself), but if one or both of you cannot make it on 1/28, I think it would be better to reschedule for next month. 

yes, ill be there.

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55 minutes ago, Ish said:

I should be there.

Excellent! 😁


I was thinking of getting pizza from either Sparky's or Hot Lips. Sparky's has the Silician and Hot Lips has the Italian Combo, both well-themed for the evening's festivities. I'll be picking up a couple pies, so there should be plenty for all. 

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Do particular strategies start to emerge? I didn't really appreciate the possibilities during the first game. A few things occur to me now. 

-The police are not to be avoided. Especially mid to late game. Paying the fine is easily worth the protection this affords. Keeping ones corruption low for the privilege of moving the officer to ones most lucrative racket is well worth it. In most cases. 

-Gambling is better that it appears on first pass. The average payoff with the available rerolls and bonuses should meet or exceed the other rackets. 

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I found myself playing three strategies: keeping my territories contiguous in order to move between them to defend from attacks; using the Cop defensively; and trying to balance the fixed pay outs from Speakeasies and Brothels with the fluctuating payouts from Casinos. 

Had Godfather bidding happened, my thinking there was that it might be worth being Godfather in the early game, during the scramble for empty territories and then let someone else win a bidding war to become Godfather in the mid-game... So that they’d draw more heat from the other players during the phase of the game when everyone was fighting over rackets... Then try to force a bidding phase and win back godfather status in the late game.

That was my plan anyway.

But then I figured out how silly The Space Marine Castle racket was.


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I'd like to schedule another playtest session of Empire City for March 3rd at GN. Please post here if you are interested in attending on that date. I will also likely try to schedule another playtest session for a saturday in late March (21st or 28th) or early April (7th). More details to follow for that session. 


Once again, pizza will be provided for playtesters on both occasions, as an incentive to participate. Hope to see a good crowd at both playtests! 😃

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