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Anyone still playing?

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A friend moved, and left me his warmachine and hordes armies to add to my own collection of Cryx and Skorne.  I started dusting off my books and minis that I haven't touched for 10 years.  Was getting interested in playing maybe.  Notice the game stores aren't carrying WM any more though.  Does anyone still play? 

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Yes, though not as many as used to. Monday nights at Guardian are still a thing, though it's best to arrange a game ahead of time. Rune and Board in Hillsboro has a game night on Wednesdays, and Portland Game Store on Killingsworth has one on Thursdays. All three of those stores still carry a bit of Warmachine product.

I believe there's also a regular group that plays on Sundays at Geeks & Games in Oregon City.

Event-wise, there are also regular tournaments every month at PGS and/or R&B. Most of the chat is through a Discord server, which most anyone at a game night should be able to invite you to. We are also looking forward to a larger tournament at Burning Cat in April.

If you haven't played in ten years, be aware that we're now on the third edition of the game. IIRC, the new rulebook is available for download on the PP website, and new cards can be printed off their card database - or you can use War Room.

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