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Battletech Mercenary Campaign - Market

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Black Market Available in System (January 3020)
8 Rounds Ultra AC/5 Ammo 3816 C-Bills.
Undamaged Light MASC 927200 C-Bills.
12 Rounds AMS Ammo 3080 C-Bills.
Damaged  Artemis FCS 152000 C-Bills.
Undamaged ER Medium Laser 141600 C-Bills.
Undamaged Streak SRM 6 169200 C-Bills.

Damaged Streak SRM 6. 140400 C-Bills.
Damaged Medium Pulse Laser 67200 C-Bills.
Undamaged Guardian ECM 358000 C-Bills.
Damaged ER PPC 471000 C-Bills.
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Black Market Available in System: Febuary 3020
Damaged ER Small Laser 13387.5 C-Bills.
Damaged LB 10-X 444000 C-Bills.
Undamaged Beagle Active Probe 386000 C-Bills.
Damaged Small Pulse Laser 27200 C-Bills.
Damaged Anti-Missile System 161000 C-Bills.
Damaged ER Medium Laser  122400 C-Bills.
Damaged ER Large Laser 270000 C-Bills.
Undamaged Medium Pulse Laser 115800 C-Bills.
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