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As a matter of fact, I do!  Can't give him to you, but you're welcome to borrow it.  He's not painted though, if that was a requirement.

Thanks! but yeah I'd have to paint him. Wouldnt want to inflict that on your Yarrik :) thanks though


Also need a Primaris Psyker.....hmmmm order time? Anyone have these?

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Usually 'counts as' doesn't clash with wysiwyg. Discouraging conversions is a rare and unfortunate thing. If you've got a feller with a (ridiculously large) powerfist and a bolt pistol, are you sure they'd have an issue?

 Probably not....

<Begins cannibalizing Soul grinder, Guardsman and mixing Green Stuff>

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I'm trying to recall Yarrik.. he's the leader with the big looted ork klaw thingamajig, right?  From the Armageddon campaigns of old?


I have ork bits like klaws n' such if you'd like anything like that, good sir.  Or chaos stuff, too like the defiler fella n' bits.  Just let me know.  I work this week so can easily drop stuff off at DTG or whatnot.


Happy to help out!


Stay safe,



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