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2020 Winter Warzone 40K Escalation League Rules (CANCELLED)

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40K Escalation League - 2020 Winter Warzone “The road to OFCC” Welcome everyone! You’ve waited patiently, here’s the rules you've waited for! What: 40k escalation league When

New to 40k with this group. Only played WFB and Infinity before with Ordo/WoW, so this league will motivate me to build and paint up my 40k forces and meet new people.

If glimpses has an event person I can contact and work with, I'd be happy to provide them everything they need (missions, scoring sheet online, etc). They just need someone to coordinate their games a

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I ran my Corpus Brethren chaos marines last night vs Gordianus's Orks. This was the first time we had played using non power level armies and using warlord traits and CPs. We did the 500pt mission and lists.

Chaos came out strong, putting serious casualties on a shoota boyz mob, taking down a killa kan, and then charging into a slugga boyz mob with a greater possessed and a chaos lord, slaughtering orks a plenty.

Then the warboss ran over, bringing along the shoota boyz and charged into the melee. The kans continued their advance towards the oblits, but shot at some chaos marines and actually felled one. The grand melee saw more sluggas killed and some wounds put on the two chaos models.

Chaos once again fired into the killa kans as all other targets were engaged in melee. Another kan dropped. Meanwhile, another greater possessed charged into the scrum to hopefully fell the ork warboss. However, despite all attacks going on the warboss, his 4++ saved him from all but one hit which did two wounds to him. The chaos lord was down to a single wound and one of the possessed carried three. The ork boyz had remained unscathed due to the resilience of the warboss.

The might of the WAAAAGGGHHHH! shone thru. First the warboss was able to finish off the wounded possessed. The chaos lord was dropped by the remaining slugga boyz. The last greater possessed once again failed to wound the warboss. The last killa kan charged into the obliterators and wiffed, but only took one wound in return, its armor turning aside the powerful fists.

The chaos marines now had a target in the slugga boyz, dropping several more...the remaining looked to flee until the warboss smashed down three of them to convince the rest to stay. The killa kan wounded a oblit and once again its armor protected it from destruction. The last greater possessed was felled by the warboss who's invuln save would not fail.

With the battle securely in hand, the warboss decided it was best to retreat with what was left of his forces and fell back. The killa kan killed an obliterator and wounded the other before finally falling to the crushing fist of the last oblit.

The marines, watching the battle slip away from them, moved forward and fired into the two boyz units, dropping one of the last two shootas, and dropping a few sluggaz. However both units passed their morale tests.

Special shout out to @Inquisitor66 for helping us out with the rules and some tactical advice. It was a fun game. After the first turn, it really looked like the orks were just going to get wiped off the board, but then suddenly, they couldn't seem to fail a 4+ save at all. Law of Averages stated that ork warboss should have died. Freaking WAAGHHH breaking the LoA. 🙂

painting wise I got a unit of chaos marines done, a greater possessed, and two oblits.

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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

As of now this league is 'cancelled' indefinitely. With the shelter indoors rules and being a class C crime until May 1st I can't see this in the foreseeable future. There's a high chance I won't be able to continue the league when this resumes and likely wouldn't have time for the culminating tournament. We'll have to see how this plays out. I will update more if/when things change. 

Stay safe and try this out while locked inside: 


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