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Looking for friendly 40k game - Mon 05/12

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Hello there,


Looking for a friendly game of Warhammer 40k on Monday, May 12th.  Rare day off with nothing scheduled so far so I'm available from 0900 hours until evening.


I can bring any points level you want but give the warning that I'm extremely new to this edition and thus don't know all the rules / etc.   I have a 1000 point army list chock full o' stuff that I'd like to see how it plays because it employs a lot of the various rules, but again I can play whatever point level you want.  I know some of you are prepping for tournaments and such so want to be flexible for you.


Please take into consideration that I drive 30 minutes or so to come to DTG so if you think you might not be able to fully commit, add that in your response.  I totally understand so please don't take it in the wrong way, I'll just know to give you my cell phone number so you can text me if something comes up.


Stay safe,





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