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Ogres 5 wide

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I have recently warmed to the idea of running ogres 5 wide by two deep. The main reason is two fold.


1: ogres want to fight, so I want to let them. Most peoe run blocks of troops wider then 5 , which means when maximized all models get to fight. Ogres are going to win by killing, not by static res.


2: gut stars are bad points economy. Three models not fighting just to provide extra wounds and a chance for stubborn that never pays out seems wasteful. And that unit is always one dwellers/pit/sun from vanishing. (I also don't run slaughter masters, and dislike bunkering)


I think that if I properly anchor my flanks 5x2 will be pretty effective.



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The unit is a bit unwieldy, but no more than a horde of 20mm infantry.  If you are loading up on characters in the front rank then I think 3 wide is the way to go, but it's certainly not necessary to win.



You should give it a shot and see how it goes.

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