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Sunday the 23rd

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Hey all! Long time no nada! 😅

I'll have to look up a couple of those terms, and brush up on the rules while I'm at it - the past few months've been a ride, w/ no time for Infinity here. This coming Sunday, though, I've roped off on the calendar here, and double-checked with the missus to make sure I'm not forgetting something, even!

p.s. I'm setting up my new Makerfarm Pegasus 10" 3D-printer today, and will be calibrating & geekin' out with it as much as possible this week and beyond. I'm totally open to pointers and expert advice from anyone who's been here before, heh. 😁


See y'all Sunday!

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I'm going to try to make it, but as always, homework comes first.

And 3D printers are so much fun. I have an Ender 3 Pro that is pretty much always in operation. Printing a Necron for a test paint job at the moment, going to start in on some more terrain once he's done. As for advice, the forum for your printer on Thingiverse (if they have one) and Reddit are both your best friends. YouTube can be helpful, too.

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