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Borderlands WFB tournament on May 18th

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Hey all:


I'm thinking of shuffling some things around so I can attend this event on May 18th. I haven't been to one in years, but I remember them to be well run little events in the old days. Is that still generally the case?How well attended have they been lately?Anyone out there planning on being there?


My goal is just to get some fun games in against fun players.....

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Where can I find more info on this event, Talapas?


LoF, are you going?  I'd try to go just to say hey and hopefully play a game with ya!






Yep!  I will be there with the Soulcrusher girls and learning the 8th edition ropes to get ready for the OFCC.  I have a new BSB to debut on Sunday.  She's glowering at me to paint her before then so she can play.

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