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Mission Question!


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On 2/26/2020 at 5:33 PM, Sgt. Rock said:

He said "Easy with the least complicated scenarios." 😛

Yep! 🙂

More seriously though, I think the three I suggested are a good mix of:

  • Relaxing list constraints
  • Providing some interesting goals to accomplish
  • Lots of good learning opportunities

Really the issue is I'm just not a huge fan of the the killy missions, I personally find them kinda boring.

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Supremacy is the best scenario in my experience for "easy mode" gaming. I'd be happy playing a 3-round tournament of just that! You get to do all the things at the same time. Killing, scoring zones, pushing buttons, and bashing consoles.

If I had to add more, I'd say Supplies, Capture and Protect, and Frontline. That's a handful of easy scenarios, which promotes a variety of gameplay.

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