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40k Winter Warzone - kb10r

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Week - 0

It felt like an eternity, but the ever changing throne room of the Demon Prince Trakzal Fatecaller made time lose meaning. After elevation there was a time of plenty. Worlds to conquer, the simple minded to twist, it was easy to guide the future on a most glorious path. But all things change. Marine brothers fell away from death, spawndom, treachery. For an age, Trakzal could only see the crystals of the forests, the glinting colors of the clouds, the faces shifting in the walls, the future closed off.
Until now. 
In one moment there was a new chair facing the throne. In the next, sat a Herald of the Master. Silent. For a time there was stillness, bu then the future fragmented into untold numbers of possibilities. So much will happen.
It is the now. The Herald spoke of the shifts in the warp. New gateways between the Masters domain and the Corporal had formed. A great rift opened millions of new worlds to be enjoyed and... altered.
A physic awakening sent spikes of power through the warp.
Long had the warp been forgotten in the codex of power. In the greatest shifting since the formation of the Eye, every race was being given over powered new skills. Free upgrades. New units. The creatures of the very warp that spawned this great change for some reason had been left behind. Tzeentch has spoken. This will change. Everything must change. The game of war has never been fair. But come on! What is a physic awakening without the powers of the WARP!

Iridescent shapes formed from the will of the Master and the Herald spoke of a reconnaissance to a new world. A force was being given and pathways forged. The Tzeentch children, and even Trakzal himself, were just pawns at this point. If any were disrupted, they would just be reclaimed by Tzeentch to be generated again. Trakzal would not be a pawn for long.

500pts Demons of Tzeentch - Battalion
Deamon Prince of Tzeentch
w/ Wings, Talons, 

Herald of Tzeentch - Changecaster

24 Pink Horrors
10 Pink - Blue - Brimstone horrors
10 Pink - Blue - Brimstone horrors


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Week -1

The portal shimmered and the small scouting force spread out into a new world. An imperial world. At least it was. The ruined buildings, and rubble blocked streets, were comforting. Change was all around. The clean and pretty, shifting to something new. The Horrors gibbered and danced around, poking into the nooks and crannies and looking for anything of interest, leaving behind a scrap of the warp.
On the far side of the plaza, figures were moving with purpose, green figures, Orks. They are such ugly beasts, with little to no glimmer in the warp. We make do with what we are given.
the orks let out a howl and ran forward firing their crude weapons. A few Horrors dissolved but the units held. Everything frolicked forward and let loose with the flames of tzeentch, gloriously melting orks by the handfuls, but the remnants of a unit of Boyz reformed with reinforcements behind the main force. Such Trickery should be rewarded, but not now.  Their guns destroyed a unit of Horrors, which popped into nothingness. The remaining main force of Boyz charged in and began chopping Horrors left and right, but the power of tzeentch made them miss by just enough, or their axes would glance off into the dirt and the horrors held. My counter charge removed the Ork leaders head and the orks fell away, unable to continue. So much loot to festoon the throne room, so much fun. This was a good portent of things to come.

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Week -1 B

The horrors reformed into real space and we continued our exploration of the imperial city. In a more industrial area, mostly free from destruction, a bright light shone out in the warp. A fellow psyker was ahead. Hidden forms of Alpha Legion brothers at the edge of sight lurked. These Brothers had fallen so far, the smell of Nurgle was on them, so they must be destroyed.
The nurgle infested moved forward to bring their guns to bear, a few horror fell, to no account. I would gather them, or their like, again. Everything returns to Tzeentch to be spawned anew.
Ignoring the rhino moving to the flank, the pinkies split fire and removed two small cultist units. The cultists shouted praises were stilled, the coruscating flames of tzeentch purified these lost ones, at least their smell. The enemy rhino had a tremendous charge forward, ramming into the pink horrors. Tying them up most annoyingly, the horrors claws ever so slowly tearing out pieces of plate. Maybe their numbers would work where skill fails.
The herald lost a chunk of his immaterial flesh to a sniper shot, with only his shifting form saving him. Perhaps he will be more forthcoming with his plans in the future. He ran to the horrors, assisting them with Strength and Smite against the rhino.
A great mechanical warp beast blocked the way, spitting out heavy caliber rounds, and I brought my claws to bear with help from a smaller horrors unit. While damaging it, I failed to bring it to its knees. It scampered backwards, leaving me exposed! The cheek of this beast! My horrors cavorted around me, giving protection from the oncoming fire, as is their purpose. A charging Alpha legion leader struck deep, wounding me more than I want to admit. Finally, the pink horrors, after rounds of petting, destroyed the Rhino, leaving them free for another strike.
Strategically, making a backward advance from combat, I returned to my horrors. They needed my guidance, and their fire melted away the small enemy marine squad. Repeated sniper shots stuck my armor, and a re-shift in time was needed to avoid a possibly fatal wound. This afront must be avenged and the last Alpha legion leader turned to dust under the weight of flames. Not much was left, but a claw from that warp infused machine will be a fine addition to the throne room.

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Week 2 - Beginnings

Recon completed. A new world with so much potential. Imperial citizens hidden away, fearful. So many plans being made, so many schemes. I like how desperation brings out the best in humanity. A subtil push here, a glimmer of hope here, and the glories of tzeentch will flow.
Foreign forces are setting up bases and stumbling around on the blasted planet. With my base secure on my own world, a poke and prod will get them all fighting against each other as they dream of power.
The Herald has reappeared with a Disc of Tzeentch and a new attitude after the sniper bolter shot removed his arm in our last battle. Our success has called a unit of the mercurial flamers to my ranks, followed by a flamer champion riding on a Chariot. Every lick of flame opens up more gates to real space. It is time to find new playthings.

750 points
HQ: Demon Prince

Troops: 27 Pink Horrors
10 mix of pink/blue/Brimstone horrors
10 mix of pink/blue/Brimstone horrors

Elites: 5 Flamers

Heavy: Burning Chariot

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week 2 battle 1 - Alpha Legion Strikes Back

The Burning Chariot didn't hold together enough to appear in the battle, but the Exalted flamer offered a second unit of flamers to compensate for his failure. ( The glue didn't hold , -1 Chariot, +1 unit of 5 flamers )
Hidden away in some ruins we stumbled upon the band of Alpha Legion brothers we had fought before. I did not see their echo in the warp as their Sorcerer was not in this force. A second cursed Nurgle squad was roaming in the ruins and would have to be cleansed. I sensed two squads of the followers of Slaanesh among them. Perhaps they can be tempted once their corrupted were removed.

We were at relatively closer range, perhaps due to the ruins covering the Alpha legions base so I moved forward with all my forces. The bouncing irregular movement of the Flamers were so  disturbing in their grace. Vile cultists melted before they could offer praises to the decay god. The Plague marines hiding in cover took hits from the flames of a thousand suns but two remained, the other popping like lice.
A unit of havoks crouched in the ruins and threw explosive missiles at my Horrors. Singing praises to Slaanesh in an endless cacophony, they fired again and again bu the bolstered save of tzeentch protected them. Bolter shots also rained down but were mostly shrugged off. A surprised flamer phased out of existence and another was wounded.

Not enough of my children had fallen so they leaped again and this time the cleaning flames of Tzeentch did its work. With the Terminators off board with one of the Lords, I could remove most of the troops.

The terminators made their appearance back at my base and we had a three turn cat and mouse until the game ended with the surviving Lord being offered the grace of Tzeentch, and he foolishly refused. As long as the flamers don't die, they really can get where they want to be. If the Herald keeps up with them, which the disc of Tzeentch allows him to do, they really push a lot of low power wounds. Along with the Horrors, quantity really gives its own quality. 


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week 2 battle 2 - Slaanesh is hungry

While I was reforming my forces after the Alpha Legion battle, An asylum of Dark Eldar flew toward me. Their open topped hover craft bristling with armed troops. It may be time to curry favor with Slaanesh by returning some Eldar souls to the warp

The lithe transports swooped in, but kept away from charging distance. They let loose a barrage of shards that popped Horrors, but so many shots went wide, so many bounced off from the luck of Tzeentch, that my core force was still intact.
My forces leaped forward, and the thin armor of the Venom craft burst under chromatic psychic forces and the flamers chaos. The lucky few who stumbled from the wreckage added their firepower to the Raiders weapons to kill half the Flamers. The horrors took revenge and melted them all, as the flamer survivors brought down the Raider with the help of the glory of smite. The Dark Eldar charged in and chopped down a few of my followers before the Pink Horrors melted through the 2+ inv saves of the Leaders and reduced them to ash.

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