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how would you play Black Templars?

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    So I have a SM army, painting them up and playing them as Templar. I am new and getting kicked in the head alot, in part do to the fact I'm new. Also do the the fact I'm not making a useful list. So what units would you use?


I am running a 2 landrader list with crusader squads and a honour guard, this is the core of my army. I am thinking of removing the second landraider and putting in drop pods. if I do how well will it work?


I have been running 10 man units in rhinos 5 initiates and 5 neophyts weapons according to roll merlta/ mutimelta for tanks flamer and close combat weapons for anti infantry.


I have put my hq a marshal with art armor shield eternal and a thunderhammer with a 15 man crusader squad in a laindrader.

I fell like I am sinking in alot of point into a unit thats not returning the cost.


So should I drop pod, use the 5 man las/plas in a razorback, what about adding in my stormtalon stormraven and is the agis defence line a good point for Templar?


Also what about bike should I add them in? I haven't tried them, I only know there a power point unit that should make its points back.



Thank you for your time

TW Haines

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Yes I already have 1 ironclad dread and am going to get 1 more. Also have 1 drop pod and plan on making some scratch build ones for testing. I want to pick up a second dread.

 Digging on Ironclads. 13 frontal armour is the way to go and add in the option for a hammer or chainfist with the other hand giving a extra attack there not a bad 135 or 145 if you add the flamer.

 What do you think of small units like a 5 man with both the plasmagun and a lascannon? I know kill point missions you will lose, just to many small units, but so much fire power.

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I know MSU worked for BT players in the past, paired up with a Razorback.  


Honestly, with 7th Edition rolling out at the end of the month, I'd focus on painting what you have (assuming you have things to paint), and conceptualizing how you see them on the field.  Are you looking to play a Uber-Competitive Templar List?  Or are you wanting to play something that fits your vision of how they are portrayed in Fluff?  Not that these things are mutually exclusive, they just tend to be.  IIRC, Templar are the only Marines that have the ability to Las/Plas (or dual weapon period) with 5man Tactical-type Squads.  ADL give you the awesome benefit of an additional piece of Cover providing terrain to help protect your gun line/advance across the field.  I found in past editions, going 7 Marines/3 Scouts worked better for me than going 5/5.  Has it been working decently for you thus far?  


Running Tandem Land Raiders with 5 drop pods gives you a great Hammer and Anvil that forces the other player to really consider target Priority.  It also gives you the flexibility to decide if you need more Marines at the beginning or if your Dreads will better serve what you need.  But that's also the way I tend to play in general.  My Nightlords use Huron to put d3 units in the opponents face while the rest of the face of death comes billowing their way.  


So, I guess, how do you see yourself having the most fun with the army?   

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Infested, thank you for the input.



Yes I have stuff to paint, Working on a dread and my ADL right now. I also have still in the box a storm raven and a storm talon.


I also have found for most of my squads running 5 marines and 2 or 3 scouts works best. I haven't played with drop pods yet so I will mock up some paper ones to try out before I invest in them.


Thank you for your input, As for fluff vs comp, our group runs in the middle. I have been crushed by some competitive lists heldrakes and flying bugs, the more competitive payers are the ones I want to play with. But yes I always have fluff in my army's.


Thank you for your time. The hammer and anvil idea is something for me to think about.

TW Haines

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I would play Black Templars like this:


pew pew ew


dakka dakka dakka!


For the Emperor!


Death to the Heretic!


pew pew





Grrrrr Argh!




dakka dakka



Is every game of 40k for me. Awesome.

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While Brother Glacius's suggestion probably has a lot of merit, i am inclined to agree with InfestedKerrigan on the 7th Edition thing.  it is very difficult to give out specific list building suggestions that wont just end up costing YOU money that may prove later to be ill advised.


If this were an existing force I'd give you ideas from the opponents point of view.  But right now, all I might do is mislead you.  Enjoy your games and keep painting as InfestedKerrigan said.  A brave new world is coming.

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I understand the hesitation with 7th ed around the corner. I believe not much will change with exception of when and how you get to use non standard army's aka titans, formations and the like. Maybe a nice fix on allies for those crazy lists.


I agree that black templar should get a little more love on the cc maybe just the ability to buy a cc weapon for a point and still keep a bolt gun.


Ahhh I see Brother Glacius has no vindicators in his army or the sound of KERBOOM!!! would he heard across the game store, love the vindicator.


As for kicked in the head I have faced a screamer star, a list with a bug flying circus, and a chaos army of marines with daemons  that had a great unclean one a heldrake and nurgel bikers and shrouded plaguebearers behind the aegis line. That is the most competitive lists in town, I believe and also the people I want to play against, as there some cool cats.


Trying to fit 2 landraiders a solid smashmouth hq and some anti air in the list, is hard. Lists around here run 1850 or 2000 so it is in scope, I just haven't worked it out yet.


Thank you all for the responses and help

TW Haines

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I think you are safe planning your list now if you are mono dex, it is us who want to create a list with allies I think that need to sit and eait.

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