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Please join me in saying a big "Thank You!" to the following Heads of Gaming as they will be running the following events this year at OFCC 2020.

Premiere Two Day Events (Saturday and Sunday)

Warhammer 40K Team Event - @Huffnpuff

Warhammer 40K ITC Grand Tournament - @ash

Ordo Bowl VI: Maximum Morg'erdrive Tournament - @Weav

The 9th Age: Columbia Clash - @TheBeninator

Rose City Wrath at OFCC: Warhammer Age of Sigmar ITC Grand Tournament - @KJTW

OFCC 2020 Infinity Grand Championship   - @Exile

Friday One Day Events

Ordo Crush 2020: Blood Bowl BRAFT - @Burk


Warhammer WarCry Tournament - @Josiah

X-Wing Free For All Event - @TheBeninator

Tickets will be listed for sale in our store as the event threads get posted.


***Note: If you are an Ordo Fanaticus Champion, you will receive a discounted price on your event ticket (not all but most). If you want to take advantage of the discount, but are not yet a Champion, please purchase your Champion membership FIRST and then make sure to login to the forums before purchasing your event tickets. This dance will insure you receive your discount on event tickets.***

COVID-19 Refund Policy:

In the event an authorized government agency prohibits large gatherings in Vancouver, Washington for the dates of the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge, or if the venue cancels all large gatherings in absence of a government directive, all gaming entry fees will be refunded through the OrdoFanaticus.com web store. This refund will be proactively initiated, and there will be no need to request a refund. All other refunds and requests for cancellations follow our standard OFCC refund policy. Please contact @DisruptiveConduct, @Burk, @ninefinger or @Weav with questions.

While this is our current list of events, we can and will add more. If you want to run an event, have an idea for one, know someone who wants to run something, send me a PM! or @ninefinger or @Burk! We want to hear from you and make this a great weekend.

As details emerge, you will be able to click the link for each event to be taken to the respective subforum that contains all the information you need to attend. All events are subject to changes as the year progresses.

Hotel Information is found in this thread.

We continue to work on getting some awesome swag this year. We have tshirts with this year's logo available in the store right now. OFCC pint glasses are still available. Buy online and pick up at the event is definitely an option. More options to come as we finalize our selections.



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Loyal fanatics,

It is with sadness that we announce the official cancellation of the 2020 OFCC. All ticket refunds will be initiated shortly. 

In anticipation of the state of Washington’s prohibition on large gatherings extending until August or later, the Hilton Vancouver has offered Ordo Fanaticus the opportunity for a liability free cancellation, and we have accepted. We understand that for most of us, miniature gaming is a welcome escape, a chance to socialize with friends, and an engaging distraction that challenges our minds. Ordo Fanaticus is proud to facilitate those activities annually at the OFCC, but we will be unable to do so in 2020.

Your Ordo Fanaticus Senate will begin work shortly on providing you an unparalleled experience at OFCC 2021, because we will game together again...for the good of the order.

Jason Weaver (Weav)
Ordo Fanaticus Chaplain

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I have such mixed feelings about not being able to host the team tournament in 2020. Thank you for everyones support and suggestions, I was really looking forward to hosting a great tournament. But enough pity party, The 2021 OFCC will be DOUBLE incredible! Keep those teams connected, playing games (as soon as allowed) and keep those hobby muscles strong. 

I really want to run some smaller events this year as well so stay tuned! 

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Thank you for letting us know of the hard decision. I am waiting with excitement for 2021. Hopefully you will have those dates announced before Nov 1, 2020 because that is when I have to have vacation requests for all of 2021 submitted by. *fingers crossed*

*wanders off to cancel airline tickets and hotel room*

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I think this is absolutely the right call. I was terrified that the Club was going to have money issues if they Hilton wouldn't be reasonable. The guys and I over here, James (owner of the Phoenix Nest) were already bouncing around ideas for fund raisers and donation drives to keep things above water. I'm glad to hear we'll survive, and thrive! I love you guys, and we'll figure this out!

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