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W: cheap busted Nids. H: $, stuff & footrubs


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Hey guys checking if anyone has a double handful of Nids laying around. Not looking for an army or to spend a bunch, just looking for your broken, half converted, cast off, misfit forgotten dudes that will never see table time. Thinking about a small paint/modelling project, not starting a new army;)

Thanks for looking!

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Sorry it took me a bit longer to get to them. I've got three, one with ScyTals/DeathSpitter, one with just a DeathSpitter, and one with just a single pair of ScyTals.  I've certainly got bits to fill in any gun for the one that's missing there, and I think I've got a spare pair of Warrior ScyTals or Rending Claws lying around somewhere.

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As a non-Tyranid player I read that as: "bug with cool claw thingies, bug with gun thingie, and bug with different cool claw thingies". ;)

I'm trying out a modeling project (and to be honest, Nids look like a blast to paint) so I'm not really worried about load outs. Two quick questions. Are these the super old standing ant man warriors or the hunched over meaner looking guys? How much would you like?

I have cash or trade so if you're looking for anything in particular hit me up. Thanks!

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