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Tabletop Miniatures Wargaming in the time of Social Distancing


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The Game stores in our area - Oregon and Washington - are moving (or already have moved) in the direction of no in-store gaming for several weeks or more.

What are you doing to keep you hobby active and to beat back the tabletop blues?

  1. Trying out solo wargaming.
  2. Playing only with my homies in a garage or basement or on a dining table.
  3. Painting my backlog of mini's.
  4. Super-detailing my painted stuff.
  5. Making terrain, 'cause I have no terrain at home.
  6. Expanding an existing army.
  7. Trying out a new force.
  8. Building out historical 'sparring partners'.  Then maybe try #1,above
  9. Running or joining an online mini's campaign.
  10. Posting Articles or videos to motivate myself and others.
  11. Some other creative approach to keep active.


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I don't know yet, haven't thought about anything.  Work has slowed down but still getting some hours.  Been home a couple days so far and my dog keeps wanting long walks every 2 hours and she won't let me hobby.  :unsure:


Might try working on 2 (gaming with homies). Most likely alot of 3 (painting) along with some 5 (terrain). Pondering 11 (creative approach).

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