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As @dataentity pointed out, the new Army Lists are up!

Svarlheim is bonkers!

Fusilier Quinn is a Wildcard, FO with a BS of 13 and MSV1.

Fusiliers are core and you can add up to 2 Orcs and an Infirmarer. A battery unit!

Agnes is Fusilier, Specialist with Sixth Sense L1.

Kahru are Camo unit hunters with mimetism, msv, climbing plus, and multi-terrain.

Nokken are the Schizzel! ODD, Forward Deployment 2, Multi-terrain.... They can be be a gunfighter with a spitfire, nasty specialists, or mine layers. One even has MSV1 - Are we getting a theme with this army yet?

Infirmarer are religious doctors, MI, that can core with Fusies, Haris with Hosplitiers, and Duo with Knights of Justice. Did I mention CC20 and a monofilament ccw?

Captain Uma? Why is she so expensive for a one wound model? Yes, her FTO option is a wild card, but mimestism and double submachine guns and a breaker combi with multi-terrain and climbing plus is like 28 points at the most.

Nisses; Core. Haris. Up to 4. Add a Machinist for 5

Troll hunter: Gunnar is a beast!  Wild Card! Natural Born Warrior! Berserk, CC23, PH14! Climbing Plus(theme), and a Trench Hammer! He is McMurder -lite for Pan-O!

Vargar: Core, Haris. MI with Albedo and Multi- Terrain - Up to 2 can join an Orc Fireteam! Bioimmunity, Superjump, multi-terrain (theme),  with amazing tools! They are Kwaraji! 

Boyg: Think Swast or Kryza. HI with Full Auto, Hyper-dynamics, and Multi-terrain (theme?) Missile Launcher or MK12!

Hospitaller. Haris, martial arts 2 doctors

Knights of Justice: They are better armed Asawira and Wildcards! There are two specialist options, but the spitfire would be my first choice. 

Orcs: One for every occasion including climbing plus options.

Ninjas? They have no honor and will for anybody, right? Mult-sniper or Forward Deployment with a shock marksman rifle (yes, pls)

Locust! More ODD and Multi-Terrain. I wonder why these guys and Nokken?

Liang: Probably the best 22 point unit in the game. He is not a specialist but has a laundry list of skills, several shooting options, and an explosive CCW. He seems to be  a must take. 

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