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Frontline/Table War Gaming Mats


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Hey all,


Just wanted to make everyone aware that the Guardian Cup will have the Frontline Gaming Mats for sale at the tournament. We will be using them at the tournament and be selling them off of the tables after it is over. You do not need to be in the tournament to get one. We are getting a very nice variety (basically every one except the space one) and you will be able to see them in action to gauge which one would work best for you. It is first come first serve so come early to check them out. This is a great way if you have been interested to see what they look like and how they perfrom. I have two myself and love them.


It should be noted I am getting nothing for this monetarily, other than having kickass tables for our event. :)


Guardian Cup



Frontline/Tablewar Gaming Mats



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