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Blaster Magazine is a quarterly periodical written by coalition of 5 indi-game designers.  They include the authors of TNT, Frostgrave, and Gaslands. 

Through Blaster, the game designers as able to provide fun one-off projects and new rules for their existing games. 



In advance of both volumes 1 and 2, the authors have streamed a Zoom chat where they discuss what they've been working on and what to expect from the upcoming issue.  In the most recent Zoom chat Joseph A. McCullough, the author of Frostgrave announced that his contribution to Blaster volume 2 will include Cthulhu mythos rules for Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and Rangers of Shadow Deep.  These rules include creatures of the Cthulhu mythos, insanity rules, and new scenarios.  In Blaster volume 3, he is going to explore mythos magic and how to incorporate it into all of those games.  Very cool.






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58 minutes ago, Koyote said:

Ish, how's the new edition? 

I’ve only had the book for about ten hours now; barely had time to flip through it and admire the artwork... So I’ll have to let you know about the actual rules later. Physically, it’s a beast, a nice hardcover tome easily three times as thick as the original paperback. The artwork throughout is gorgeous, both the photographed miniatures and the painted pieces.

OathmarkFrostgrave, and Robert E. Howard’s Conan are probably the three most aesthetically pleasing hobby products I’ve bought in, like, twenty years. 

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Okay, I don’t have time to write-up a complete point for point comparison of First Edition to Second Edition, so here’s the TL;DR review: Frostgrave Second Edition takes everything good about Frostgrave First Edition and makes it better.

It fixes most of the balance issues, tweaks the broken bits to make them more reasonable, such as toning down certain spells to make them still really useful but not “must have or don’t bother to play.” Yeah, I’m looking at you Leap.

They restructured how soldiers are added to you warband to place cap the most powerful types forcing you to have to make strategic choices with your hiring. No more having an experienced warband of nothing but Knights, Templars, and Marksmen; your gonna need some Thieves and Men-at-Arms. Also, they’ve made Thieves and Thugs free to hire, so even if you have a implausibly unlikely disastrous run of bad luck and see your entire warband wiped out and your treasury completely bankrupt, you can still field a full roster.

The book is greatly expanded in page count, so there’s much better explanations of how things work. Not that Frostgrave was ever a terribly complicated game, but First Edition was written in a way that sort of seemed like it assumed the reader knew how miniatures wargames worked already and thus could kind of leave a lot of details out. Second Edition doesn’t seem to have that assumption. (This might be the perfect “gateway game” for converting your D&D playing buddies into miniature wargamers.)

If you already have Frostgrave, treat yourself to the upgrade. If you’ve been on the fence about Frostgrave, jump in now.

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