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Back for year 2 of pushing your paint game to the limits!


o   When: Friday,  July 24th from 6– 9 pm (Tentatively)

o   Where: OFCC at the Hilton in Downtown Vancouver

o   Number of Players (min/max): 8/20 with additional "challenge" seats

o   Timing: Four, 20 Minute Rounds with 15 minute breaks/judging between

o   Event Style: Bracket Tournament

o   Cost: $15 for tournament seat, challenge seats prices TBA

o   Scoring: Straight up head to head competition in brackets. Winners advance. Audience judges each model. Cleanest, most complete wins the round.

o   Prizes: First, you get to keep all of the minis that you paint. Second, the winner will walk away with not just the knowledge that they are the fastest brush at OFCC, but… will also get a $50 Gift Certificate to Mindtaker Miniatures!

*** NEW THIS YEAR! Challenge seats! Challenge seats are available for anyone who wants to play just for the personal challenge. These seats will not be judged and get to participate in every round. The ticket prices will be higher to cover models used but still a great value for the package.

Do you like to take your time and apply two thin coats when one would probably suffice? This may not be the event for you.

Participants will be going head-to-head in a bracketed speed painting competition. You will have 20 minutes to paint your miniature. When finished, the judges and crowd will determine the best mini and the winner will progress to the next round.

Participant Info

·         Primed, assembled miniatures will be provided for each round (and are secret until the round starts).

·         Basic paints and brushes will be provided for contestants but you are allowed, nay encouraged, to bring your own materials.

·         Please arrive early with enough time to set up your painting area, once set up you will not have to change locations. There will be 15-minute breaks between rounds for cleaning/resetting.

·         Be prepared for a wide range of subject matter, from AoS to 40K, organic to machine. Primer color will vary as well from round to round.

·         Completion to tabletop standard is the objective but there is no bonus to finishing earlier than the allotted time.

·         You are encouraged to join the judging if eliminated.

·         There will be crowd participation, countdowns and such. Heckling is frowned upon, but cheering is encouraged. This will not be a quiet event.


Ticket sales now available.


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