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Ordo "Clash of Tiny Titans" Cup - 1-day 3-game Stunty Cup Tournament


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Hello little ones, 

For too long have the talls gotten all the glory. Now it is time for the smalls to show them what we got. Say it loud, "I'm stunted and I'm proud!" This tournament will show off the best snots, runts, gobbos, flings, and scaly lil' bastards in a brutal clash of tiny titans.

The Clash of Tiny Titans 
Saturday, May 9th, starting at high noon we will be holding a stunty team only 3-game tournament on Bloodbowl 2 (BB2).

Teams must be created and entered into the competition by Friday (May 8th) evening at 8pm. To give me time to review that all teams comply with the rules below. 

Also all coaches must message me with their interest to play and team name so that I can respond as needed and double check all entries.


Tournament Schedule (All times are Pacific)

Team Registration: by Friday 8pm

First round: Saturday, 12 noon

Second round: ~2 pm

Third and final round: ~4pm


Tournament Rules

This will be a 3-round resurrection style tournament using BB2.

All games will be played with a 1-minute turn clock.

Stunty teams only are allowed - For the purpose of this tournament stunty teams are as follows:

  • Halfling team
  • Ogre team
  • Goblin team
  • Underworld team (no skaven)
  • Lizardmen team (no saurus, kroxigor is ok)

This is for funsies but I will make and deliver a physical trophy to the winner.


Team Creation

  • Custom teams
    • This tournament will use the 'Custom' team function of BB2.
    • You can make a custom team when creating a new team by checking the box in lower left corner on the same screen as entering the team name.
  • Team value
    • Maximum TV is set at 1100 gold.
  • Added Skills
    • Any player may be given up to a maximum of 2 new skills, in any combination. Go nuts!
    • For every 'doubles' skill that you give your team, you must also give one injury. Double nuts!
    • Injuries do not need to be on the same player that gained the double skill. I see.
    • No player may have more than 2 injuries. hmmm...
    • Injuries may not be applied if they have no effect. i.e. STR reduction on a STR 1 snotling does not count. Foiled!
    • No stat upgrades are allowed. crud...

After adding players to your team you can click on each player to "level up" and thereby add new skills. Also on that player screen you can add injuries.


Register your team
After making your team with the above rules, join the league and the competition.

League: Ordo Stunty

Competition: The Clash of Tiny Titans


For problems or questions please message me.

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