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Question on 40k daemons


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I'm just curious how my OFCC fantasy daemon army would translate to 40k.  It would be nice to paint something that can be used in both systems eventually.  Here is what I'm bringing to Fantasy, is this a workable 40k army?  (I've never played, or played against, 40k daemons, so have no knowledge base)



Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (tool him up however you want)

Herald of Tzeentch 

Herald of Khorne



10 pink horrors

10 pink horrors

10 pink horrors

15 bloodletters

15 bloodletters



6 screamers of tzeentch



3 bloodcrushers





Burning chariot


Finally, I'm assuming you can use square base daemons in 40k since they are technically on the bases that came with the model.  Yes?

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