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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge week 8!!!

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Its week 8 of the Hobby challenge! Same rules as have been in effect.


For this week I am going to point out that the website https://www.goonhammer.com/announcing-the-goonhammer-lockdown-painting-contest/

is having a painting contest with the main rule being anything you started after March 15(which matches really well with this).  Lets see if we can get some club representation in their winnings. Also they have prize support.


For my personal progress I base painted all 9 remaining chaos warriors.  I'm going to hold off on pictures because I want to show them off in all grandeur when fully completed.

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Home Depot should have something close enough. 

I got bothered by a couple of rules-illegal demi squads I had from when I first started buying and painting, so I decided to combine those with a few test models I had done in Black Templars colors and convert the whole lot over to Ebon Keshig White Scars. Pics to come. 

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I’ve always liked the kit, even if it is a prime example of Citadel’s tendency to cram every square millimeter everything with fiddly little details. Sometimes a brick wall should just be a brick wall, y’know?

But it’s a fun kit all the same, which should work equally well as a centerpiece to be fought over in games of Frostgrave or looming over the battlefield menacingly in games of The 9th Age or Oathmark. (Heck, it doesn’t even look out of place to see Captain America and Baron Zemo duking it out on top for Marvel Crisis Protocol!)



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I’m like a week or two behind on challenges, but I’m trying to do decent highlighting, and add texture to the cloth using a technique that I have not used before.




So far I have learned that slow strokes are bad, they’re wavey. Fast strokes are better but can be too thick. But a nice “turn the brain off and gently brush” stroke is the best.

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It's nice to see everyone's progress.


I recently finished up 5 Chaos Marine models: 1 World Eaters Terminator, 3 Night Lords Terminators, and 1 Greater Possessed painted in the colors of my custom warband, the Warpborn.

Here are the pictures:



The four Chaos termies, they all have magnetized arms so I can swap out weapons if need be...May19of40.jpg


A closeup of the World Eater Terminator, BloodGrin, with pair of lightning clawsMay26of40.jpg


Bloodgrin with pair of power swordsMay25of40.jpg


Sarrin, his head is magnetized so I can run his as a regular Chaos TerminatorMay13of40.jpg


Or as a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor...May24of40.jpg


Kavatar, Chaos TerminatorMay10of40.jpg


Mirac, Chaos TerminatorMay3of40.jpg


Jadath, Warpborn Greater PossessedMayJadathfront.jpg



Jadath and SpikeMayJadathandSpike.jpg


Thanks for looking at my pics! 


Have fun hobbying everyone.


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