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*update 7-1* Looking for trades or sale


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Hello all. Im looking to make some trades. Im looking for daemons mostly at this point but will take SM trades as well. Thank you.




1 galrauch -sealed in box, got this on bad info.

Space marines-

1 bike squad still in box

1 emperors champ - metal, older style with sword held in both hands

I might be able to get a new on sprue command squad - a few bits





Flesh hounds


Space marines-


Drop pods

thunderfire cannons

Predator tank

Bits (10 left hand plasma pistols, spiked tac marine shoulder pads, tac/Dev las and plasma cannons, terminator missle launcher, 3 sets of termie shoulder pads)





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I also have some 10 terminators (1 w/Missile pod, 1 with assault cannon), 8 Assault marines (1 w/plasma pistol, 1 w/storm shield), and 3 dreadnoughts (9 different arms/weapons). I could part with that for a huge discount or trade wise, looking for Necrons, Dark Elves, Orks (40k), alien frontiers board game. Portland area?


Sent PM too...

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