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I predict that the new edition will fix a lot of the imbalances of the current, the first half dozen new codices will be nicely balanced, and although the Internet hive-mind will figure out a couple q

Yeah. I just hate it when people voluntarily agree to exchange their wealth for the goods or services voluntarily being offered by others. 🙄

As I've been saying for years, every time GW introduces a new product -- be it as major as a new edition or as minor as a redesigned paint brush cup -- the reactions are eerily predictable:  33%

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Just now, Sgt. Rock said:

That thing was also much more lightly armed, as I recall. This thing is the greatest argument for fire arcs to return that I've seen yet.

The Hammerfall has secondary weapons (flamers or bolters) on all four facings and it's missile turret is capable of 360° rotation.  A return of fire arc rules (which I do miss) wouldn't actually do anything to affect it.

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2 hours ago, andy said:

That's my concern with PL play... the unwritten rule to not be "That Guy". I have a unit of Crisis Suits equipped with CIBs (by FAR the best weapon choice). If I bring them to a PL game, I have to worry if I'm "That Guy". Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Depends on my opponent. If I play a points-based game, I don't have to worry about it... I paid my points, I play my unit. Sure, it's still possible to be "That Guy" but I have to work a lot harder at it by bringing 3 maxed out Crisis Bombs rather than just optimal weapon choices on a unit.

Of course, if I'm just "That Guy" by personality it really doesn't matter does it? 😄

You wouldn't really be "That Guy". Not to mention people are who have tested the tau think that Crisis Suits have multiple viable options. 

Regardless, This isnt just a "murderfest your opponents army" game play. Its to accomplish the missions to get more wins and such

If you put 3 Maxed out Crisis Bombs in your Crusade List... well you are stuck with those unless you remove them entirely at which point why bring them 😛


Its not so much about what you are bringing its how you are playing (which is rich coming from me, a guy who has manner problems in games at times or at least huge mood shifts depending on the game). 


Just play to have fun and if you see an army where your abilites are going to roflstom them, make them aware. Dont blind side them, dont try to sneak it by them. Those actions make you THAT GUY more than what you bring. 


For me, I have requested people bring the That Guy list so I could play against them for the challenge (won that one too handily...Knights REALLY dont like Da Souped up Shokka, who knew) Try and make the game fun and exciting. I am not that great of a fluff player but those I have played with who are make the game feel immersive and that can deepen the enjoyment of the game regardless of how good/bad they are doing.

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1 hour ago, Ish said:

I was under the impression that all eight of the secondary weapons were actually lumped together into one weapon profile. Obviously, I haven't seen the full datasheet for this...

Thats the impression I get as well. It would be silly to have 4 different sets of weapons that ALL could attack every model on the table they can reach and see

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23 minutes ago, Mulgrok said:

Pe-order sold out while payment was authorizing.  Thanks for nothing, GW.

They are getting DRAGGED for it on FB, too. And apparently they screwed stores on the amount of box sets they could get. I'm running over to Guardian at noon to order the core book and Chapter Approved - I'm assuming those will be easier to get, at least. 🤞

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3 hours ago, Brandon said:

Geeks and games did 15 percent off and had plenty of box sets at 130pm today. 

I read that the new chapter approved rule book has the rules in it, so maybe no big expensive book needed.

Plus the app has rules and codexes. We will see how well that works. Not going to hold my breath but I sure wish GW hits the app out of the park. 

Here is the contents page for the GT Book. Get the BRB for the lore is likely the best idea though there could be some different missions. 



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