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40K 9th ed


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“Forged in Battle” says that when resolving an attack made with a weapon that has an Armor Penetration characteristic of -1 against a unit with the Salamanders’ chapter tactic, the weapon is treated as having an Armour Penetration characteristic of 0.

The erratum for the storm shield adds 1 to the result of a saving throw. Salamanders are still going to be helped by this!

3+ Armor Save versus AP -1 (treated as AP 0) weapon...  

• Roll a 1; An unmodified roll of 1 always fails;

• Roll a 2, modified to a 3; Pass;   

• Roll a 3, modified to a 4; Pass;  

• Roll a 4, modified to a 5; Pass;  

• Roll a 5, modified to a 6; Pass;  

• Roll a 6, modified to a 7; Pass.  

3+ Armor Save versus AP -2 weapon...  

• Roll a 1; An unmodified roll of 1 always fails;

• Roll a 2, modified to a 1; Fail;   

• Roll a 3, modified to a 2; Fail;  

• Roll a 4, modified to a 3; Pass;  

• Roll a 5, modified to a 4; Pass;  

• Roll a 6, modified to a 5; Pass.  

Against AP -3 or better, maths make it equivalent (AP-3) or better (AP-4 or greater) to switch to the 4+ Invulnerable Save

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17 minutes ago, Lyraeus said:

So then wouldnt this let you ignore up to AP2?

I believe the Salamander's Chapter Trait is to only ignore AP 1 weaponry. If a weapon is AP 2 or above then the trait doesn't apply. An auto bolt rifle's AP1 would be ignored, but a plasma gun's AP -3 wouldn't. It's an all or nothing trait. This is much like a Rubric Marines "All is Dust" ability. They normally get a +1 to their armor save if they get hit with a Dmg 1 weapon. However, if you hit them with anything but that then their armor bonus is nullified and they have to suffer the affects of the weapon's ap as well. 

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And on Terminators, with their base 2+ Save, the Salamanders chapter tactics’ benefit would be even better than on power armored Marines’ 3+ Save. But, at present, no Terminators have the new storm shield...

It’s not nearly as broken as the 1+ Save shenanigans, but it’s still nice.

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43 minutes ago, Lyraeus said:

Ahhh I see its not a stacking. Still against AP2 instead of a 5+ save you get a 4+ so its fine and AP1 is still a 3+ 

I forgot that the +1 save would give them a 2+ armor save, which would be useful against AP 0.  I was just thinking how -2 AP would put it at the same as invuln save.  My bad.

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It’s not a +1 Save anymore, thanks to the erratum, it’s a +1 to the saving roll. This is a minor distinction in most situations, but due to the way modifiers to rolls and modifications to characteristics interact, when it makes a difference that difference is huge.

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Missed Indomitus? We’ll make you one!


As we’re sure you noticed, the Indomitus launch set for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 sold out incredibly fast online this weekend. 

On the one hand, that’s really exciting news for Warhammer 40,000 fans everywhere! It’s amazing to be part of such a passionate and engaged worldwide community. As Warhammer goes from strength to strength, it means there are more games to be played, new friends to be made and more memories to be created. 

On the other, we’ve heard quite a few of you had a frantic weekend of trying to secure yourself a copy – that wasn’t the plan, and we’re going to put it right.


So, What’s Happening?

Well, Warhammer is growing so fast, sometimes it takes even us by surprise. When we said we made loads of this set, we weren’t kidding – there were way more Indomitus launch boxes made than any other box set in the history of Warhammer, and not by a small margin! The copies we had reserved for the online store sold out in minutes. 

Thankfully, that wasn’t all of them – all those copies in our online store were just part of the Indomitus story. Right now, there are loads of copies making their way to Warhammer shops and independent stockists around the world (more on this later). Even so, we want to make doubly sure everyone has the chance to get their hands on an Indomitus set of their own. We made it to celebrate the new edition, and what’s a celebration without everyone getting involved?! And so…

Made to Order


Here’s what we’re going to do:

Today, we’re going to be making Indomitus available as a Made to Order item for a limited time. If you missed out on the pre-order and/or aren’t able to make it to a store for launch day, you’ll still be able to secure a copy.

These will be limited to one per customer order, and we will be making them as fast as we can. We don’t have an exact delivery date just now, but it might be up to 120 days before you receive your copy.

The way it will work is simple:

1 – Place your order on games-workshop.com 

2 – The noble adepts in the Games Workshop factory will make you your very own Indomitus set. 

3 – Once your Indomitus set is ready, we’ll send it out to you. 


Bear In Mind…

If you want a copy of Indomitus for the official launch date of the 25th July, your best bet is to check with your local Warhammer shop or friendly local Warhammer stockist and see if they have one for you. There are literally tens of thousands of Indomitus boxes being shipped to stores around the world right now, and supporting your local store is a great way to help the Warhammer community in your area. 


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On 7/13/2020 at 10:28 AM, Lyraeus said:

Sisters are still an army I am interested in. 


I am thinking of doing Orks, Necrons, and Sisters. No Chaos faction interests me...

I am a Sisters of Battle playa as you know, and I endorse this plan.  I have been playing them since around 2006, and they are fantastic looking models.  The new ones have in no way disappointed either, if you wanted to go that way.  Codex doesn't suck either, and i think that's as much as any Sisters player can ask after all these years.  I feel like orks now:  you dont have to fear us but you have to respect us.  Of course, maybe 9E will make people not respect orks again which would be sad.

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